Windows 11


Took a while, but I did dig further into this. Turns out it was a lack of communication from Korg, they moved to using an external license manager like Izotope or Arturia do, and I didn’t know that. You don’t activate the plugin from inside the plugin anymore, you have to download a separate program to do it. As soon as I figured this out and did it, it did work! That’s nice, because Unipiz JS-Y is my go-to lead synth sound, and I haven’t seen it any of the M-1 sample libraries, and there’s not another M-1 emulation out there that I’m aware of.


This is probably the best for now for me as well. Looks like I was able to revive my laptop by installing a shitload of legacy drivers and some of them stuck. Windows 10 is pretty solid after all.

Of course, being able to emulate Android was a fun little novelty, but I can live without that for a while :slight_smile: