Who Likes Rap?


You can post the video and also, crack is :fire:


No, crack bad for brain


Wu tang, rza, gza, method man, redman, odb, swyzz beats, pharoah monche, jedi mind tricks, immortal technique, nas, 9th wonder, talib kweli, mos def, black star, gang star, madvillian/mf doom, mobb deep, pop smoke, kendrick lamar, eminem, travis scott, j cole, black thought, clipping., fugees, illa j, j dilla, the roots, lauren hill, and erykah badu.

Recently discovered isaiah rashad.

And i dont feel ashamed for listening to nicki minaj or cardi b


I think I can only add Lupe Fiasco, Joey Badass and Handlez to that list:

And Hempress Sativa ^^ :


I agree, beautiful women doing beautiful things, those who get mad, get sad lol

Green Tea Peng

Lord Apex

Lava Rue

Channel Tres





That is a a hell of a list! Bravo, +1 etc. You may also enjoy Aesop Rock, Saul Williams and KRS One.




I forgot saul williams, common, and joey badass…

Also the some of the def poetry jam is better or similar to rap music…

I think rap music is only art if its thought provoking poetry over a beat.

I mean it doesnt have to be ts eliot tbh i wouldnt listen to a ts eliot rap…

but to me the standard should be inspiring new ideas or discussing social realities.

However the gang beef rap diss stuff isnt art to me imo…

Some songs have the x factor and some dont.


gotta disagree with you my bro, I love the violent gang rap, but I suppose it’s an acquired taste


Ok, cool. :slight_smile:



The violent gang rap for me depends on the lyrics…

If its fake thug like rick ross…imma do a hard pass

For me it depends on the topic and the lyrics.

But ive seen rappers like the game, the whole g unit, birdman, lil wayne, lil this, lil that, come and go, then you have papoose, kodak black, etc…the rappers that are underground but never hit big…or have that one single and then dissappear.

So im just like to each their own.


Rick Ross is a gigantic bitch

also I love lil wayne, and he tries to skateboard. Good man


Bone Thugs n Harmony are my favorite actual gangster rappers. The also did epic collabs with Eazy E, Tu Pac and Biggie.


crossroads, what a jam


Absolute classic. That’s something that has always got me about the Bone Thugs, even amidst the gangsta shit, the party/weed songs etc there was always always a level of emotional sincerity to their work. A tad more three dimensional than some other gangster rap acts.

I didn’t grow up in Cleveland. I didn’t grow up in the bad part of town (though I lived there later in life) but this song just feels very much like the people I’ve lived with for 39 years in Ohio.


I like Rick Ross music very much .


Rick ross the rapper was a former prison guard…

The real rick ross was in prison and had a role in iran contra…

But if you like rick ross rap music…ok, because to each their own.