Who Likes Rap?


Cool… solid composition Excellent Lyrics! Veritable Wordsmithing at a high level! … and you can HEAR the words… the value of which is often underestimated.

I also liked the use of raping over old school R&B lyrics… and the mixtape loops weaved into the texture.

Yeah… he knows what he’s doing.

On to the next one :sunglasses:


Definately… a budding genius. I really like the DIY feel… it adds charm. The lyrics are clever, articulate, and they feel improvised but if those thoughts are stream of consciousness then he is way more genius then at first listen.

Thank you for sharing…:pray:


I think I haven’t posted any tracks by Lupe Fiasco in the resurrected forum, at least not enough, and his latest album is really deep and thoughtful, a real masterpiece imho, and it didn’t get much attention:


Me. love it so much!!!