Who Likes Rap?




Jay rock has some good songs.



I really like this song cause it makes me think



Can’t really say I like rap per se…I prefer the term hip hop anyways. Top is del the funky homosapien, mf doom, giant panda, people under the stairs, artifakts, the streets…gangstarr



player, who DOESN’T like rap, player? show me them. show me them and give me their address.

in the meantime, check this shit out

Modeselektor - The Dark Side Of The Sun ( Feat. Puppetmastaz )
(i gotta put this here cause i can’t fucking post links yet)

i flipped the fuck out when i heard this in hereditary. that shit freaked me out more than any scene in that fucking movie.


Fixed that for you. Full posting privileges.


Eric b and rakim


J cole…is good

Drake is utter shit.


Shaq oneal is a better rapper than drake


British hip hop was one of my first loves. Jehst will always be an all-time favourite. Super depressing shiz from the council estates :+1:

Taskforce as well




J cole drake and kendrick lamar are now making diss tracks about each other.



Jurassic 5…

Some think that some members of the group are tupac and biggie lol…