What the hell guys?


Needs more pie on the tits. but 9.5/10!


idmf: I came for the music, I stayed for the vomit bj


My girl friend and I drunkenly dubbed that a Bulgarian Chunk Job (no offense to the Bulgarians)


I’d be afraid of the Serbian version of that


I don’t recommend the Mississippi Gator Job either.


Wait, there are snowflakes that support Trump? I thought they were all Hilary supporters.

Color me aroused.


We live in a total “Snow Flake” culture all around IMO. No one can say boo about anything on either side.


I try to stay away from internet arguments for the sole purpose of everyone being right on the internet.

The main reason that political thread, and past ones were always shit.


Agreed. I’m not saying anything more about it for that exact purpose. lol.


my grandfather always said you can only ever satisfy 9 people out of 10. Of course he spent his best years gangraping teenagers in vietnam.


He obviously didn’t work for Colgate. 9 out of 10 dentists agree.


It was @parricide ! I posted on that thread at least once.


Yea, but they’re talking about a previous occassion, a long long time ago, in a different forum code.


When did people start thinking that politics is about “I’m right your wrong” instead of “my opinion is better than yours” ???

And… when did the word “health” become “wellness?” How is that an improvement?

Best not to get me started…

Oh … that’s right! It’s about Music! :sunglasses:


Oh by the way @admins please dont do the search thingy you can see. And if you do keep it to yourself. :hugs:


god damned snowflake political correctness is the death of things that matter.
in my day we didn’t have fancy shit claptrap like the interwebz.or cellphones.
we just beat each other till they got the point.and whoever was the loudest won.
annnd we liked it…cause thats the way it was.now go suck mamas tit and fuck off.
grumbles…GET OFF MY LAWN…



damn. I clicked this thread and somehow it went back to one of parricide’s posts and I got all giddy that our boy joined back up. COME BACK MY SQUIRE


Hey I heard human breast milk is really healthy.


Game of thrones is Adlibs for starbucks