What the hell guys?


we should just straight up remove the log in ability from the site

nobody fuckin leaves :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_imp:




get ya ass 2 mahrs



I’m happy to temp ban anyone who wants a vacation.


Is this the real relic? @admindickhead


It was me. Lol. Im just relic again now but the offer stands…




who was this user super dedicated to idm and music geeking and lucid dream enthusiast?


God damn. On the tip of my tongue. I do remember a lucid dreaming person lol. Was he a Swedish fella?


Wasnt @bfk the one talking about lucid dreams recently?

And on a side note. I’m good with all dreams that I don’t have to clean up after. Like peeing myself.


Maybe. There were a few long discussions back in the day.


No it wasn’t bfk. Damn the forum for blowing up. We had a little discussion rolling years ago about silly breakcore music. He was the kind that change their username every so often.


Was it the dude who was into lolicore? Shudder


Little minion/musicophilia?

Lol you guys mistake me for someone else i’m idmfs resident asshole, benwaa even branded me with digital cocksmoker back in the day because the side room was full of bukkake I wasn’t the only one who did it but I didn’t exactly help…eh past is past…I’m probably bad for the forum :[]


Parricide was talking about it. Making himself have lucid dreams. Is that it? Do I win? No? That’s not it? Ok. :neutral_face:


Yes it was musicophilia/little minion! Bfk wins. The only true idmf veteran.

I don’t recall him being especially into lolicore… It was more that kind of stuff:


I can very much picture some Muppets playing this. Maybe it’s the voice(s) or maybe it’s the der tee der der of the music.


Ok, I didn’t really think it was the lolicore dude, I was just racking my brain for old verteran randos I didn’t know well lmao

I kinda wish people would post some bukkae pics I had to delete. IDMf has turned into some pro-Trump snowflake safe space and it makes me barf