What the hell guys?


Remember as admins we see what you’ve been searching on the forum…53


wow give us a bit of privacy


We don’t use the P word here.


Like, each USER’S search history?!


can’t believe you guys work for Zucc now. How much did he pay you? Am I being detained for using “P” word?
Somebody is knocking at my door. I’m not opening it!


lol it does exist


No, just the overall search trends on the website, not at individual level.
So we see that somebody searched for Breakcore and for Eurythmics, but no idea who did that.


When you see Disco in the search results you know Thom’s back.


when you see Pygmy pancake tittie fuck in the search results, you’ll know that Claymore has arrived.


Now all we need is a breakcore remix of Sweet Dreams to encapsulate all of this forum’s desires.


You have 24 hours to post it in the Listening Booth, then I’ll be at your doorstep armed with the full discography of Nino D’Angelo.




I got some searches for you, I’ll impregnate populate the lists


Totaly down with The Eurythmics searches.


That’s right, Your sick fetish of watching Triumph the dog eat poop and fuck 3 cats is blasting on front street!


FBI open up!


Nino d’Angelo… Not to be confused Nino di Angelo

Albeit, they appear to be flocks of the same feather.


I finally figured out what Ellen was doing before her show became the bee’s knees


there will be some gems in there for you to find now :smiley: