What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


Homemade bone broth :star_struck:




Not bad, very smooth, obnoxiously oaky for Jameson with a hint of peat. Glad I got it, wouldn’t buy it again.


Currently drinking a decaf espresso (Lavazza brand) in my pjs. Decaf as since I quit my job to go solo I get anxious easily…


We save chicken bones, onion skins etc to make broth…so flipping good : )


A decaf espresso?!? I feel like that’s an oxymoron.


p-p-people… drink espresso for the taste… ?

oh right, you live in Italy… :stuck_out_tongue:


Been a while since I just had a nice friday night with some beers, so Fat Tire. Not sure if that’s around where you guys are, but it’s a nice brew. Gonna kick back and finish season 1 of True Detective… Eat some dank chinese and maybe hit the DAW later.

happy weekend boys


I think New Belgium is pretty ubiquitous at this point, but yea Fat Tire is good. Similarly, I’ve got a 24oz bottle of Irish Red my dad and I made (mostly the old man, really) in the fridge, might have to bust that open tonight. I’ve also got some Seagram’s gin, San Pellagrino sparkling juice and some fucking dank. I know it’s a rap song now.

Sounds like a dope Friday man, enjoy : )


a really nasty mix of water and miralax.


Coffee all the time. Being off of dranx for 3 weeks has made me get a little more oxygen to my brain that I had hoped. The only way to cope with this is excessive caffeine consumption

Magnesium citrate tastes so much better and does the same thing.

How do I know? It’s in my cup :joy:


Coffee in the morning, the Coke for lunch, then more coffee for dinner, then another Coke for the evening.


I empathize with this. My better half wants us to be heathier so she said she would give up Diet Coke if I gave up drinking for at least 3 months. I have started drinking Red Bull and soda from time to time to fill the empty hole that has been left.


You can take the boy out of Italy, but you can’t take Italy out of the boy.


In about 2 hours after a short drive home I’m going to be diving into the Chimay and vaping until I pass out. Will i drunk post? Let’s find out.




You guys


Red, or White? :slight_smile:

Red wine is a staple of my diet at this point I’m pretty sure. Almost nothing beats a good glass of the deepness.





I’m like 6x deep on localbrews tonight.

shitposter life. Trying to pretend I’m a decent gamer and going through metro last light on ranger difficulty.

I suck

the end

IDMforums is the shit