What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


Just a little Smirnoff to sooth my cough.


Kale, strawberries, blueberries, a banana, milk, honey, all pureed into a smoothie


Really think I’m going to put some serious effort into drinking less. It can’t be good for me and I want to put the money I’ll save directly into music gear. Hoping to get my studio sorted again so I have room to work out…hopefully get my ass up mornings and do something everyday for 20-30 minutes as a start. In a lot of ways the big thing with alcohol and me is I just don’t get to sleep without it, I know the sleep I’m getting isn’t as good because of it.

I hope in a week or so you see me posting about sleepy time tea or something : )

(I ain’t giving up the herb though boys, no way).


Keeping it classy drinking red wine out of a plastic cup (my last roommate took the wine glasses with them):


Ditto there. I’ve had insomnia for a month but it has been worth it so far.
Maybe I should stop drinking coffee at night, too, even if it’s the weekends. I heard it’s mildly stimulating


Yea, I dunno, I can usually sleep after having caffeine at night chugs six pack of beer


Unless I’m drinking, all I want to do is sleep. Haha. Once I get a nice buzz are the times where I want to stay up until 3AM playing video games or working on music.

those are the nights that always lead to the worst days after .


Haha. I feel that…even when my latest class ends at 6:45 I’m not home for about 45 minutes to an hour, then I usually cook an do dishes, by the time I get a good head of steam going its 11pm-12am already and it’s like FUUUUCK…


Did it help?


My girlfriend “suggested” that I stop drinking for my new years resolution. I now drink red bull from time to time to fill the hole that alcohol had previously filled. lmao How do people go through life without drinking while eating healthy and exercise while working at a full time job at the same time doing house work AND find time to do a hobby. I strive for these things and when it seems like when I am on a roll… I start feeling good and then I instantly start making bad choices again. It’s like I get in the way of my own happiness

But your plan seems solid on paper


Well, out of all the self diagnosing it turns out I probably just had what ever this 14 day respiratory flu was…I think the only thing the vodka may have done was help me sleep a little.

I secretly kind of envy those people who on top of their shit with eating and exercise. It seems to me that they feel so good from that they don’t want/need to drink? I think there is also a certain sub section of society–the Instragram kale eaters–where drinking is kind of passe’.

I dunno. I will see how it goes. Last summer I was pretty good for about 45 days at doing the exercise bike 20 minutes a day, but I know I need to get some strength building stuff in there. Gyms don’t work for me, I need to make it a real habit first, then get a membership.


Idk man. I feel like my life consists of working, cleaning, cooking, dishes and laundry… with a little squeeze of hobbies and all in all staving off the urge to drink and indulge in bad decisions throughout all of it. I always thought having a live-in SO or wife would be co-operative and make things easier, but really it’s just twice as much of everything to do all the time.

Bike exercise is a solid routine to ease back up into it. Memberships don’t really work for me either, the most i’ve held onto one regularly is for 3 months. Hell, there’s a clubhouse where my condo is at with a free gym and a hot tub and I still can’t motivate myself to go after working all day. Haha.

All of these things lead to an annoying mental health issue for me, of constantly feeling guilty for doing anything impulsively that isn’t pushing the healthy/productive lifestyle. Unless I plan for something, say music production or a drunken gaming session…

…then when those times happen, guaranteed, i’m like nope… I’d rather be doing something else…

…fuck I hate living in the moment and being so impulsive all the time. makes anything difficult, meal plans, working out, anything…


Yea, I found the bike really easy, I just propped up my iPad and rewatched Game of Thrones.

Also, I feel you on the impulse control. My girl and I both have that problem we will say we are going to do a “detox” and then one or the other shows up with their favorite drink that evening at home and the other is like fuck it and runs out to the store lol.

You aren’t alone, I get down on myself to. But frankly between working at two colleges and retail I’m always exhausted and never have time for music or anything. What’s a dude to do?


I’m probably going to cave in T minus 14 days. Life is stupid, so is drinking. So… drink?


That is frankly my big problem, come home from my day and am like god damn it I deserve a fucking smoke and a drink! But then it turns into like five drinks…and two bowls lol


february 15th will be my cave day, almost the same as your 14 days, haha. I requested work off, major anticipated video game I’ve waited for years comes out… just going to drown myself in my cave with my gaming PC all day.

This is what I look forward to as an adult. Lol


an anagram of idmforums is Rum of Mids

So maybe it’s going to be a Rum kind of weekend. With lots of MIDS on my EQ


Just the type on the far right. Dark n heavy



Vodka Collins with Luxardo Cherries (someone left a jar of fancy, $20 maraschino cherries at my place after NYE). Yea, the cutting back on drinking ain’t happened yet…lmao