What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


Someone brought home made schnapps to the office! I love the holidays.

I’m a big fan of eau de vie made from fruit. Not just Cognac, but the unaged distillates from pear, raspberry, fir, or hazelnut. Calvados is also a wonderful drink.

Been sober 31 days today. Longest I’ve gone in probably 10 years. Won’t be forever, but needed a reset, shit was getting out of control.

Like $300/hundreds of drinks per month out of control.

It’s good though, I look forward to enjoying some nice red wine during the holidays without the explicit intention of getting as wasted as possible.


Dude, I went 90 days once and felt like killing myself even though I’m just an evening sixer kind of guy. It’s probably low-level alcoholism (where I’m coming from) but 100% sobriety is kind of difficult, IMO.

never said more true. I should really blaze more, some of my best music came out of sessions with the ganj. Maybe that’s not such a popular thing here?

Been sick as shit the past week, would kill a hobo with rocks for a hot toddy.

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Having Grand Manhattans tonight. Knob Creek Rye, Grand Marniet, fresh celementines, sweet vermouth.


That sounds good!

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I’m a convert to (really good homemade) peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate.

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There is another interesting fruit combo:
Bourbon, Rosemary Maple syrup, and fresh peaches (use frozen ones in Winter).

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I love the taste of a well aged Calvados. Baked apple, toffee, woodsy spice (think hints of pepper, cinnamon, allspice). Very unique.

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OYO “o-WHY-o” Stone Fruit Vodka with Club Soda on ice.

Oooooh damn. Yes please:

Sanguine Eiffel

OYO Stone Fruit Vodka, Brut Champagne, Bitters, Sugar Cube. Add dash of Luxardo for fruit-forward flavor.

(Sugar Cube bottom of glass, 3 dashes Bitters, 1 oz Vodka, 3-4 oz Champagne)

It’s the holiday, so chartreuse it is for me :slight_smile:

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Finally! A Chartreuse fan! I have a nice bottle of the V.E.P., which is just delightful.

egg nog

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What does that stuff taste like? I see it all the time at one of my local state stores.

The VEP or regular?
The VEP has a very round flavor profile, considerably more mellow than the regular, which is otherwise very similar.
This is one of those “elixirs” that became popular in the Middle Ages, where alcohol was considered medicinal (water of life, aka aquavit, uisge beatha, eau de vie).
It’s a liqueur, so it is sweet, almost cloyingly so, hence you drink it very cold. The flavor profile is complex herbaceous, but not bitter. If you’ve ever had a Ricola cough drop, you kind of get the idea. It doesn’t taste like Ricola, but it’s as difficult to describe as said cough drop.
It is vaguely reminiscent of Absinthe, but with a very much subdued licorice note, so much so, that it would be hard to pick it out from the orchestra of flavors. It’s a particular flavor with a gorgeous green color (proudly all natural and so appreciated it now is named after the drink).

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I was asking generally so great explination. I get the idea. Sounds a little bit like some Saison beers Ive had but obviously less beerish. Ive had a ricola too lol. People have only ever told me Chartreuse is “gross” so this is helpful.

I got water, good after soaking in a 108 F hot springs bathe:

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It’s not gross. Just savor it properly. Get the VEP. Serve over ice, preferably whisky stones. Sip and enjoy neat.

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