What made you laugh today?



So I listen to Cool Jazz. Well spank me and turn up the Kenny G yo!


Me too! :slight_smile:

If it’s not edm I have playing in my car, it’s probably smooth jazz! lol





I can’t even handle this shit, I’m fucking dying. what the hell

next level mental health awareness hilarity


This infomercial of awesomeness






In December 2015, at a show in Melbourne, a fan (David Spargo) accessed the backstage area by editing the band’s Wikipedia article page and inserting himself as a family member. Upon showing the article and his ID to the security guards, he was granted access to the band with whom he shared a beer. The band reacted positively to this scheme, stating "He explained to us his amazing tactic to get past security to hang with us and we immediately cracked him a beer. This dude is the definition of a legend. However, Hyde did add: “It goes to show, never trust Wikipedia.”


Technically yesterday but I’m still giggling:

I had a conversation with an actual physicist who patiently explained to me how the Death Star blowing up was wrong.

Fucking brilliant :smiley:


This is just astoundingly awesome!



i apologize in advance


The probability…that some non idmfer is probably reading this and tracking my posts for the purposes of collecting personal data…its funny because such a person spends time tracking posts…seriously…whatever…

In any event…

Dear non idmfer post tracker
seriously, consider other ways to spend your time…seriously, I’m not that interesting…or dont…whatever do what you want, have fun…


Stumbled across this plate on my way home XD


Social media being a platform for shameless anonymous stalking in the privacy of your own living quarters…yea so that means my acquaintances will know about my status update on Facebook in regards to my 2 o’clock poop…


just gave the CEO of Glitchmachines a bit of shit for getting a mac without realizing who it was at first, and he started following me on instagram lol