What made you laugh today?



That makes complete sense and is the basis of a lot of self-balancing techniques. Granted a few parts are not explained very well and he’s a bit goofy. The concept of just ‘being’ is central to a lot of meditation practices which allow the mind to rest and become more focused afterwards.


I’ve been re-reading Seneca: On Anger (De Ira), and he pretty much says the same thing. Keep it simple, get plenty of rest, eat well, stay out of trouble - and stop worrying about shit you don’t need anyway.


a thread full shitposts who would do such a thing



WWE auditions are looking pretty good these days. Always nice to see some chairs back in action.


So I own a big Great Dane dog-lady. I live in a condo. I pick this bitches turds up twice a day or more.


Suddenly I think today… this bitch Hot Carls my hands everyday through using thin plastic poop-bags.


Walks away fast and snags earbuds on the doorknob


Bless you for actually picking it up though!

A few people near here never picks up their (big) dog’s shit when they walk them, - and as a result some of the walking paths are literal turd mine-fields. It’s a truly disgusting habit, but since it’s also pertfectly legal, there’s not much I can do about it.


Its illegal in the UK not to pick up ze woofit whoopsies.


me ,i made myself laugh - i looked in the mirror


Karl Popper calling adherants of the big bang theory “explosionists”.




I had exactly this earlier today. Turned out the crossfader of my old DJ mixer finally gave up all hope and went mental. Sounded like there was a slight distortion on everything, started to drive me crazy lol…




The problem is that with the level most teenagers play their systems today the speakers have probably been seriously damaged. As for the think that has tickled my “funny bone”, it has yet to arrive.




Were you still laughing when the car exploded?


I feel like there’s an important story behind this… lol