What made you laugh today?


Intellectual dichotomal meta fugazi

If descartes or some dude self taught themselves/invented calculus so can you

Self schooling, cheaper…


Nowai. I want a class room to shoot spitwads in.


Now THAT is funny.

Better living through intelligent design :sunglasses:



Local paper for the win


All the speakers…


I’m still not sure how you get arrested for attacking a mattress though



this is some old shit, but key and peele’s terrorist sketch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiWIOKKuyGE . been on a key and peele binge on hulu, and this one actually made me laugh a little.


Love K&P, classic sketch. Are they ever going to make more, or did Jordan Peele totally quit out to focus on directing these days? I haven’t kept up with them the past couple years outside of some random youtube binges.



^that will probably be true


employer: i see you’re 25.65% augmented and have 12 mars years work experience implant of robotics/AI technician. We respect that but our company values traditional work ethic and experience. Anyway, we will send you a message to your virtual Zucc™ avatar if you were successful. You can go now. Use that tube on the left.


I bet $19 dollars that the Kardashians will still be famous in 2130 because that kinda plastic isn’t biodegradable