What made you laugh today?


The parrot sings


Bring honor to your house…but also bring munchies…



US continues to protect its oil interests abroad:




Fucking potatoes…jfc …lol


damn, that’s some hard indacouch session bud right there

makes me miss the out-of-state goodies. The SLC pharmacies are super vanilla with all their product.


Ohio dispensary herb is pretty hit and miss in my little experience with it (only medical here), a lot of the strains don’t live up to the hype online reviews give them and I don’t for a minute believe their THC content ratings. Getting way better black market stuff, I usually don’t have a choice in strain, but its always fire.


Five years ago ya’ll were buying Mexican brick weed from some guy with a shitstache and tie-dyed bandana named Philly, now you’re complaining about the stuff you can walk into a store and buy with a credit card. Capitalism - it moves fast, yo. :rofl:


Give it 10 years, hopefully we will be complaining about the quality of the cocaine we can walk into a store and buy with a credit card lol

…and for the record…it wasn’t ALWAYS Mexican brick weed…sometimes it was shitty cornfield weed! #MidWestThugs





If I bring home anything that’ll need “dusting” like records, books, decor etc…I get a lighthearted scolding…lmao


I just dont tell her haha. Or I buy her one too.


I defo try to sneak things in lol


Its our Independence Day tomorrow (I personally couldn’t give two shits because the US is a fucking dumpster fire and the dumpster is filled with tires, but…you know… context). I was at the grocery store today buying stuff to pre-mix some elements of a cocktail for a pool party tomorrow (less effort as the bar tender) and I bought five bags of limes because the punch needed like 30 oz of fresh lime juice and…well…you can’t ever have enough limes when making tiki drinks. The young woman at the check out was like “That’s most limes I’ve ever seen someone buy.” I explained and she dead pan asked me where the party was LOL. If only I was young and single…;p


If only you would have worn that, she would have ravaged you in the store


god damn it…I wonder if I can get that on Amazon one day delivery lol…sexy af…also pretty sure she was more interested in the booze than me.


Prof Elemental nailing it as usual :smiley:



Btw music here is very good . You know if you record vocals and work with vocals more creatively.