What is glitch hop to you?


Ok maybe it’s just one of those marketing gimmick adverts…

But to me I think the artist woulg makes glitch hop…
But you might think its idm…

But from what i heard labeled as glitch hop to me it’s just bass music…which isnt glitch hop

To me glitch hop is idm+hip hop like woulg and maybe autechre.

I tried making a few times but it sucked because it was too abstract and not contemporary enough.


I listened to some of “Last Time” by woulg, and I honestly don’t know what I’d call it. I enjoyed some of it though.

A lot of tracks come to mind when I hear the term “glitch hop,” but I don’t want to fill this place up with links to tracks (yet), so I’ll just post a link to one of my favorite tracks that I’d feel comfortable calling “glitch hop”:


According to spotify playlists, it’s just EDM with loads of chiptune elements :sleeping:

I have a hard time with genres like these, because I usually consider glitch hop to be ‘beats (aka hip-hop oriented beats sans vocals) and glitch elements’, but the real-world definition / interpretation couldn’t be further from the way I’ve always envisioned it.

To me, it’s whatever the fuck I’ve been cooking up over the past few months but I’m obviously off track :smiley:


I agree with on that vomit from above aka…whatever you prefer to be called.

Hey :wink:


I think what most people who are talking about ‘glitch hop’ usually mean is stuff that sounds like Tipper kinda. A lot of people use it to describe anything that’s 3/4 tempo dubstep.

The name doesn’t really make sense imo for that kinda stuff but who cares. Lots of names don’t make sense.
It is slightly annoying though when saying you like ‘glitch’ music someone thinks you’re just shortening ‘glitch hop’, kinda like how some people think ‘dub’ is short for ‘dubstep’ lol…

If genre names actually made sense though, @itsthebadluck 's example would definitely qualify as glitch hop


glitch hop is the ancestor of EDM and shitstep

remember this?

then remember what the glitch mob turned out to be? what a fucking disgrace. That was awful. Awful times those were.


Glitch Hop is socially acceptable Glitch


Yup. @Negazul I think thats it.



I don’t know about that.


So Glitch Hop got IDM’d huh?

(I used to get so riled up when someone would say “dub” when they meant dubstep)


Not sure I’m following you, but I’m kind of liking the track you posted.

Is that referring to a particular track that’s been posted here?


No. A its meant as a joke about bad genre names. IDM has had a similar journey as Glitch Hop it seems in regards to the name, what defines it etc.


yeah that’s understandable, it’s the kind of things that I can say where you need to have the exact same opinions as I do to understand what I’m talking about. This track by edIT was an IDM classic, and I listened to this album a lot at the time, along with other idm/glitch hop artists such as prefuse73 or tipper. Then edIT formed a group with three other glitch hop artists and they called themselves “the glitch mob”. It was fun but ultimately very dull arena music with two ideas per track at best. They started to dress hype and photograph themselves in neon lights. I just couldn’t make sense of the aesthetic switch. Then came brostep and the EDM years and it all got sucked into this whirlpool of shit.
Then admitedly glitch hop was always associated with loud PAs, big bass and fat sound design. But I guess when I first heard it, what I was really looking for was experimental hiphop and I thought it was going for something like that.

haha yeah, actually to me glitch hop started as just a style of IDM


@Lug yea, I am not super familiar with Glitch Hop but I always thought it was kind of like the bass music version of IDM.


Do you think that this sounds like Glitch Hop? It’s close enough, to me.


Glitchop used to mean music like Prefuse73, but then the brostep crowd took it over and has destroyed the genre.


Whatever genre Prefuse 73 is…god damn I love his music.



edIT’s debut album definitely one of the pillars of this genre, along with The Glitch Mob’s early works.


This isn’t Prefuse 73, but I think it could qualify as Glitch-Hop (mostly because of the weird intro and outro.)