What is Breakcore?


You know the drill.


Obligatory, one of the most profound staples of the breakcore genre IMO.



I had totally forgot about dev/null !
weyheyhey is an alltime favorite. I haven’t been to much breakcore nights. I only remember one club, two ruby my dear shows, and another with igorrr. All of those were crazy fun


i went to one enduser show, totally missed out on xanopticon though, the funny thing is you can only dance to this music either like you do in death metal, or just moving like your having an epileptic fit lmao


hah! you can totally kick all of your fav rave dance moves actually. Or do like those korean chicks


yea but i’m rhythmically challenged lol, i can’t even do gangam style properly…


that xanopticon track is fuckin’ unreal. that dude’s beat programming is so next level. Wish he’d make more stuff



Whatever it’s I just cannot get enough of it. I have recently found this guy who is making some very interesting music. Check it out.


from some idmf users…

Users from the ol' idmf that you miss

Damn ,there’s some amazing break editing in there.





If you lot want nuts rhythms, console with this guy:

And as already mentioned, Venetian Snares:



Anyone else remember this awesome album? Pretty IDM… but… breakcore ish as well. I used to love this fucker.


Weird, someone uploaded my track to youtube. This was on IDMF25 this is good tea. Neat. Not the image I would have chosen, but I had fun making this one. A little more IDM than breakcore, but whatev.