What is Breakcore?


Hey, Blaerg is sick. Whatever happened to him anyway?


Just to make sure breakcore is not Dea and it has never been, check it out



Blaerg still makes music. The last time I checked, he was doing live-coding.



Is there any breakcore music with a rockstar kind ov vocalist?


The only thing that comes to mind which is somewhat breakcore related (not always) is Mindless Self Indulgence.


what do you mean rockstar? glam rock vocals?


what do you mean rockstar? glam rock vocals?

No, not glam rock, like metal or punk where they scream and stuff


The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) does some great vocal work, but not always alongside his breakcore tracks.

Usually breakcore as a genre would shred vocals, hence why raggacore exists. Rotator has done some cool vocal tracks that way, but I don’t know any breakcore act specifically with a rockstar lead



Whourkr (still Igorrr):

Doormouse does a lot of silly screaming too:


I’m pretty sure there’s some older Otto Von Schirach with screaming too. Can’t find any examples, but pretty much every time I saw him live, he’d be screaming shit. I think he graduated to serenading over miami bass now.


So awesome… I love Igorrr


Xanopticons track Zola jesus, and drum corps

Are the only ones that come to mind

You could also learn how and start a rock breakcore band, other than that math rock is the closest thing that you’ll ever find



afaik igorrr is the only one that tours with vocalists on stage
not a fan of his latest output, though… I never liked lyrical singing in metal, and I feel that he does, and that he’s working to put them more and more in the forefront.


check out Dj Skull Vomit for that blend of metal and breakcore

and probably all of peaceoff catalog


HEY new ruby my dear dropped check it out


Yeah I’m bumping a nearly 6 month old thread so what:


broken note’s ep00 omg how have i not heard this fml
omg dj donna summer summer chicken dance lol



Fuck I forgot how much I missed insane amen/raggacore shit like this. A+


venetian snares answering the question