What are you listening to?


Whoever posted the video removed it. Shame, it was glorious



I saw Korn live and they were very uninspiring - in fact totally boring to see live. I think they were so over playing gigs and it came through. All the support bands were fantastic.


We’ve all met the narrator from this one,

Hell, I think I am the narrator from this one :stuck_out_tongue:


A very old friend of mine released her son’s music (Quad Kyuu, he passed away last year). Been listening to this track all day.

Truthfully, the album is pretty solid. I dig just about everything on it.




Can’t link and even if I could you used to have a how to manual as thick as your thumb back in the day just to embed the damn link. Dirty Drum and Bass, by the genius combination that is Aud!o and Ed Rush… Go find Yardstick by them and turn it to 11.


[drunk post was drunk]




King Gizzard - Shanghai the Scientist Dub. Just been released and I love it, reminds me of the classic Mad Professor Dub version of Massive Attack. I couldn’t post a link when i tried but such is life