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Adele cause natural voice.


Sooo hard to find a version of this on YouTube that isn’t overcompressed to fuck :smiley:


feels about this song


Normally I hate music like this but this is a genuinely good album



I found this artist a little while ago, Rob Clouth.

My word, this is some of the deepest stuff I’ve heard in a while. Apparently he’s software engineer in synthesis and physical modelling, and uses his inventions in his music. You can really hear this, at least I think I can, in a lot of the percussion, it’s very organic and natural, yet sounds artificial, like it sits in the uncanny valley a bit.

The intricacy, the detail, the sound design, the atmosphere, the emotion, it’s all absolutely incredible.

@makeuswhole – I thought of you when listening to this, I know you’re a developer too and like this sort of style.

Here’s some of my favourites…

Emerging From

Spaces Far Below (atmosphere track, beautiful)


The Nothingness Of (atmosphere)

The Vacuum State (this is really an astounding piece)

A Pareidolic Sequence (3, go, 1, 2, set, get )


Rob clouth went by vaetxh…back in 2010’s

He has been interviewed by woulg.


Vaetxh is awesome


Tried to watch the interview, watched half of it – but fuck that Woulg has some issues, made it difficult to watch, was incredibly cringy.

Otherwise it was very interesting to see how Rob was putting some of those sounds together.

Reminded me, not near as advanced, but I started a project to interpret beatbox sounds into MIDI because the Dubler microphone I got is shit (its flaw is it tries to do it in real time but if you do that you can only analyse the first couple miliseconds of a sounds, which means too much ambiguity, and it gets too many notes wrong, to the point of giving you 5 or 6 consecutive hats).

It’s actually simpler than it sounds though, just find the starts and ends of sounds, then do a fourier transform on them, and find the poles of maximal amplitude in the spectrum within some curve of some Q factor, and match them to configured mappings with MIDI notes.

I don’t even have to write the fourier transform code, which gets very complicated – there are libraries for this.


I’ll admit this part was entertaining, but that was about it

I didn’t watch the whole thing though, so there could be plenty of other great beatboxing sessions



I am listening “Take My BreathThe Weeknd”


Checking this out. Seems it was just released or vids were. So far so good. Loving it.


Why is ryan from the office talking to ryan from the office?



A perfect circle


This reaches some kind of sleaze / industrial rock itch I didn’t know needed scratching