What are you listening to?




dudes this is sick asf

metropolis heavy industry chill vibes


Fuckit, been a while. Hello old friends…

I will love the Propellerheads and David Arnold forever for this one thing:

… even if there were nothing else to love both of those for, and there is much :slight_smile:



Been playing this a lot lately, so I’ve just ordered it on vinyl




and now, for something completely different:





At around 59 min in they switch from Jungle and Ragga to Nirvana lol :star_struck:



I don’t want to be that guy, but this album crossed my mind today so I put it on.



repetitive screeches

and he has badass name too, Beat Fuhrer.


Guys: Message from Leyland Kirby below. I cannot recommend LK/The Caretaker/The Stranger enough.

Listen for free and give him a few bucks/quids if you can.

“We drink to forget…” is simply fabulous.


I just made four older works available again for a limited time for free.
I get constant requests for each of these so feel free to download them if you wish in the format you desire. The works now available again are :

V/Vm - The Death of Rave (The Source) - 2006
(111 rave flashbacks, energy stripped, to be shuffled.)

V/Vm - The Death of Rave (Additional) - 2006
(An additional 95 flashbacks, update, immerse, remember, erase.)

The Caretaker - Extra Patience (After Sebald) - 2012
(Outtakes from the Patience soundtrack.)

Leyland Kirby - We drink to forget the coming storm - 2014
(Forty lo-fi piano pieces for shuffle and reflection.)

Thanks always for listening and for your support through the years.



Mention of BT in another thread today got me listening to an old favorite.

About a year or so after even discovering that electronic music was really a thing (Probably sounds strange, but I had just never really been exposed to it) a good friend showed me this. The video came preloaded on a Zune he had just got. I had never heard anything like this and it shook the foundation of what I thought music could be.

If by some happenstance you have not listened to or seen BT’s This Binary Universe, you need to do yourself a favor and check it out.