What are you listening to?


Looking forward to Alessandro’s new album,
had this one repeat its a grower,
listen to his envelopes just click away, if thats not confidence i don’t know what is.


Oh, and @Auto-meh-geddon



That means nothing to me.


new album ready to drop



very good stuff


This is honestly my favorite music at the moment. I never anticipated learning jazz or going into jazz theory but Amazon prime day is coming up and I have 3 books picked out specifically because of this group. This is where I am hoping to take my musical learning path. Seeing as Jazz was created and developed in America, it’s time I started focusing in on it more.


When i heard John Peel play this on the Radio back in 1996 i nearly smashed my monocle,

I used to drop it in my set at the local pub and it used to bring the walls down.




Nice looking turntable. What is it?

If that plinth is as heavy as it looks then this thing means business.


Don’t know how this one escaped me


Thanks very much!

It’s a Rega P3 with an Audio Technica at33sa cartridge. It is absolutely singing at the moment. :slight_smile:


Oh nice, I like AT carts too, I run a 140lc I think. It’s purple and it also has the shibata stylus. I’m rocking a used Technics SL-D3 from '74.


Gearslutty video


Very nice!

I’ve fallen back in love with record shopping again. This is from Archived Environmental Views by The Future Sound of London.


I always return to this one from 2015




Forgot all about this until i came across it just browsing, 22 years ago i used to hammer this track.