What are you listening to?





The new Alex Banks is awesome.


some post malone as radio-friendly ear candy, black wolves’ cover of zombie, and patti smith


listening to me fart on me bed : )


Squarepusher’s 1996 album : “Feed Me Weird Things”.

The jazz influence on it still feels relevant today - and made me want to jazz my stuff right up:)


That avant-garde grime goodness


I can’t think of anything else but his robot music now.







wow, thank you for this share. great bits in here : )



I’ve always rather liked this one since I heard it a few months back.
Thought you might enjoy it a bit. :slight_smile:



Ever since I first heard this song, I have been absolutely stuck on it.
It has some of the best hi hat work I’ve heard in an electronic song. It takes a bit to get to the hats (hats come in at 4:38), but once it does, it’s just a real tour de force of what can be done with hi hats to perfectly compliment the music, as well as just showing an impressive control over the use of what usually is a rather unsung part of drums and percussion.

At first, you’ll likely think it’s rather simple, but then it just keeps articulating more and more and gets pretty varied and artistic in expression. Really cool!


This is lovely! Really good piece. Nice share



I really did like this song. Right up my alley lol thanks bud