What are you listening to?


Listening to Opeth.
A lot of Opeth.


I like Oprah too. What’s your favourite album? Mine’s is My Arms Your Hearse, then it would be Still Life.


to be honest, i can’t choose.
I have loved everything of theirs that I have heard.
I just got a free Google Home device, (premium members of Spotify are able to get one if they ordered one) and I simply said “Ok, Google… Play Opeth.”
And I have been in bliss ever since.
It is currently playing a track off of Ghost Reveries, which was the first album of theirs I bought.






Damn, that is some fine music. To me that first track sounds like something that would make an awesome mashup with some Portishead or Massive Attack. Maybe I should do that…

Anyway, recently I was scanning YT initially for stoner rock…just kept clicking interesting links and ended up here:



Some Indie Alternative stuff… reminds me of the video games Lana del Rey vibe.
(i found this because the 424 tascam youtube guy ( “424 Recording”) was announcing his new album… and this is on the same ~tape label)


Never heard living on video ? Lol, I loved this track when I was young, still love it now, this and fade to gray we’re the futuristic tracks at the time compared to what was outhere


I missed quite a bit of music in my childhood due to a) living in Kodiak in the 80s was pretty culturally isolated, and b) to add insult to injury, my parents were (at that time) into the whole christian vibe of absolutely nothing secular in the house (or car).

I loved what I did hear, but man, there’s still plenty I stumble into even now. :slight_smile:



with over 18 million views i’m sure you’ve heard this already however it does raise the level in passion, spontaneity and creativity, i smile every time i see how much their into it.


Thanks for that!

I love cultural mixtures. Saving that one; really nice!

Here’s one I love the hell out of. It just caught me from left field when I first heard it a few years back.



Fade To Grey had enough dark about it to stop it being cheesy. Living On Video is probably one of the cheesiest tracks ever but can’t deny it has one of the catchiest synth riffs in the history of creation :smiley:


The Mongolian one took back to the days of KLF chill out :slight_smile:




Just discovered this band through my wife, she had the 2 10" she bought in 95.