Unfinished Project Names


So, I am notoriously terrible at organizing my work (or at least I have been traditionally for most of my producing days). In the past when I start a new project, I always name it something stupid, ridiculous, or crazy because I have no idea how to name incomplete or rubbish tracks.

I thought it would be amusing to post some of my old project names. I know I can’t possibly be the only one that does this, so I think we should get a thread dedicated to everyone’s strange project names. :slight_smile:

Here are some of mine…

A Big Stupid Garbage Truck
Binge Head
Brandon’s Uncle Crimpy
Brent’s Tent
Clunk Monkeys Go To Work
Commander, We Have Forensics
Dolly Frugal Kelp
Drop Forged Steel 8"
Feed Sammy The Grease
Flat Baron Steak
From Crops to Scotch
fucking crabs FUCK!
Guy’s french freezer
Guys is stealing fakery bakery
Harmit Scandal in Taiwan
I have like 57 teeth this morning
I’m not so sure about this fence
It’s a great day for calcium
Living in spinetown for the week
Mace the President (hmm… this one was done in 2011)
Mystery meat is the shit
No one is apple
No one is apple again and again
One guitar shitty p diddy plan dan
Relinquish the frostbite
Return my craisins immediately
Reverse potential diving machine
Rumple Crumps
Scandal at the barbershop
Simple fpandis brands
Some fucking grieving hats
Some new hats to gargle
Spundles forsooth
Things that angela faked as garnish
time time time time Fuck
trouble with gumbo


I’m usually something like: « BS idea in Amin »
Or « chords in Emin » or something really dry .


Mine are like “house Am 128bpm” lol.


Look at you guys… being all reasonable and efficient. Makes me sick…


Not so bad. I call my tracks 123, aaaaa, qoqoq and so on.

Project Names can be more specific like drop 1, drop 2, compressor experiments, or the name of trak i stealing (copying).


Trust me the uncreative names are their own can of worms with a six month old file an d remembering what the hell it is.lol


Something…like…Breakcore bass shit


Pro tip: at least name things like cool bass or cool sound 11. Now, this is like opening a mystery bag. Bad execution.


I typically use a header based on what I am working with.

Ie. Nameless_Bb_265_Am7-11 would be something like nameless (ie working title),
Bb (breakbeat, changes based on project),
265 is the tempo
Am7-11 is the key, and chord types.

This was the method we used in post production studios, at Tesla, and typically most studios.

For sound design and exercises… separate folders titled stuff like

Big Farts
The Crackheads Late Night Street Recordings
Beats, bops, and voxs
Master Splinter and the wingnutz
These are not bass
Yeah I got noise, so what?!!
Did you say, you need a drone
Don’t touch my purse