Trip Hop - Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Allflaws


Hey, I am interested in collecting various trip hop music from all over the globe. Currently I’ve been checking out the likes of
Portishead, Unkle, Massive Attack, Tricky, Amon Tobin, Allflaws.

Please post any song, video and link suggestions. I will post some too :wink:


I’ve been obsessed with this band for a couple of months now. If I could describe them it’d be industrial trip hop. Like Massive Attack, with Portishead and some NIN.

Never heard of Tricky, Amon Tobin and Allflaws. I enjoyed very much Amon Tobin. And Allflaws has a similiar industrial trip hop feeling.

Could you embed Tricky. It is a little tricky to find 'em. Yep. Horrible pun but I had to.


Check out Sneaker Pimps and the Herbalizer. Also, for me, DJ Shadow is very much Trip Hop. I also like Aesop Rock though he is more “conscious” hip hop than trip hop really. Also, if you like Massive Attack I highly recommend the No Protection album, a dub version of Protection by MA and Mad Professor from their check out Mad Proffesor and dub music as I think you’d like that as well .


I love trip-hop too, it sounds like you have the important bands covered with the suggestions here.

You might want to branch out into related genres like dub and lounge, and you really should give Thievery Corporation some serious listening if you haven’t already.

Since they haven’t been mentioned yet, Hooverphonic’s debut is one of my favorite trip-hop albums. But the most important trip-hop artists are Massive Attack and Tricky (who was a founding member of Massive Attack).


I’ve found these 2 bands on the KEXP channel on YouTube:


Not sure that these are trip hop per say, but they have the same chill vibe.


Unpopular opinion: 100th window is the best release by Massive Attack, even surpassing Mezzanine.

<3 trip hop :slight_smile:


I’m with you.

The main reason I consider Massive Attack the greatest trip-hop band is because they evolved and kept getting better. Most other trip-hop bands had a good debut and that’s about it.


Morcheeba is a must


I’ve yet to figure out what a trigger hippie is, though.


These are great thanks


Hey thanks I will check out Sneaker Pimps and the Herbalizer. The Dub Version of protection sounds great too. Will go and have a search on youtube.


Yes both albums are very dark. I think 100th window got underrated really.


Hey Ive never heard of Hooverphonic or Thievery Corporation. Thanks for the suggestions.


Thievery Corporation is really really good. They make an awesome downtempo as well! Heard them on loop 2 days ago haha


Amazing thanks. Loving Sneaker Pimps, Herbalizer and DJ Shadow.
Sneaker Pimps album Becoming X is on my playlist. Such good stuff.


Altered Carbon just turned me on to a trip-hop band I’d never heard before: Terranova.

The levee broke and I went nuts:


Hey @musick did you check out the band that I recommended you? If so, what do you think?


I really like them. What a great sound.


The group Tell-tale H have done an amazing track. Really like it. Dark and soulful.


Not sure what the official genre is, but I have always loved Moloko and it’s in my Trip Hop folder together with Massive Attack and Portishead ^^