Trip Hop - Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Allflaws


xposted but thought this kinda belonged here too


Son Lux is a good one!


Amazing thanks. Some real gems in here.


And now for something completely different, an underrated track from an underrated trip-hop artist.


I loved Altered Carbon, I remember this.

Great find tracking this down!! Instantly playlisted. Thanks @Marklar <3 <3


This is a quality track. I’m going to try and find more from this artist.


He’s mostly known as a one-hit-wonder for this excellent track:



Liking this thanks


great track


Listen to the whole of Molokos first album. What a gem that is. A real under the radar album.


Yeah, I could still listen to tracks like Lotus Eaters and Dominoid on repeat after all those years. But their first three albums are all great imho and still sound fresh… Fourth one also wasn’t bad, but felt very different…


Yeah, this is my kind of thread. I’d strongly suggest checking out this:


I need to go through this thread carefully, been listening to a ton of Trip Hop lately.


eh yo a lot of this shit is making me want to write some fucking BARS, son! MORE DAMMIT WHY’D YA’LL STOP POSTIN!!!



Great selection thanks


Moloko have done some cool stuff.


Thanks I missed this. Always wanted to check out Squarepusher. Really like the experimental vibe to his stuff. Really want to listen to more now.