Things that piss you off the most


Absolutely. Even though I was down to 2-3 cigs a day, you can’t shake that monkey until the you get it out of your system and make a break for it.


Yeah. That’s a discussion (and sometimes argument) I’ve had with people, even when I was still a smoker. Whether you’re chaining butts morning to night or taking a couple puffs after work, you’re still a smoker. Quitting means quitting, especially with something as addictive as nicotine. I’ve never had a real alcohol problem, but I’d imagine it’s similar.

I’m actually to the point now six years quit that I can casually have a cigarette with a drink at the bar and not immediately drive to the store and buy a pack. But that would have totally been the case for years after I quit. Now, I mostly get bummed that I smell like an ashtray and have to wash everything, but I don’t wake up craving one.

Anyway, nostromer, good luck with it. Stay strong with your quitting and you’ll get through it. It’s a cliche for a reason, but every day is actually a little easier.


From what I understand from friends who work in addiction treatment “moderation therapy” is relatively new and is not generally accepted by the APA or AA programs. You have to quit if you have a problem. Even hardcore addicts are sometimes able to stabilize and get down to using less, but the trend seems to be eventually the addiction catches up with them. With nicotine that is going to be heart disease and then add in cancer and the like if you are using tobacco.


Yep… I suffer from super high blood pressure. Like, insanely so. Been to the ER for it, even after months of medication I sit at like 160/110 average. Gonna be the death of me if I don’t quit the nic, gives me anxiety and heart issues already, and I’m only 30. Plus, that coupled with a family history of addictive personality. Been through the alcoholic ringer, and nicotine alike.

At least I have some healthy addictions, music production being the best of them :slight_smile:

Edit: idmforums addiction, well, that’s the middle ground. Im not part of any social media so, I consider this my community outlet from an introvert perspective XD


I have acute appendicitis.


Really?! That’s fucking awful man : ( Wishing you a speedy recovery, that involves surgery??

Damn…was coming here to complain that I’m pretty sure I have bronchitis…


OOF. Damn that sucks hard. Sending positive vibes your way… that sounds terrible. What’s the fix?

time to get on that lean homie :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha.

(jokes aside that sucks, I’ve had that before… fuckin’ blow out hours of death)


I get all the fun diseases…I’ve had walking pneumonia…felt like I had broken ribs every time I coughed…I really need to start vaping my herb but i hate it so much…


y’all need to invest in some edibles, my dude. give your lungs a rest.


My experience with them hasn’t been great. I am just going to take a hiatus for a couple weeks or a month. I really only the know the one dude and he cant get edibles. We just legalized for medical so hoping recreational is around the corner or I hear about a Dr FeelGood writing scripts lmao

Hoping when it’s legal for rec I can find a non smoking option that I like. Everything but traditional smoking is like…I get more high than I want after one puff (vap) or dose (edibles).

Last time I did an edible I ended up locked out of my own house in the cold for abou seven hours.


Dude… nooooooo… fuck that’s terrible. No phone to call someone either? Jesus that sounds like such a horrible experience haha. Edibles can go over that edge way too easy. They always creep to 11


The fucked up part was I had my ipad (no data) and a car key (no house key). So I took a nap in my SUV with the heat on then realized in my haze if I went on the porch I would probably get a weak wifi signal. So, I finally get a hold of some people–one person said I could drive to their house (big help) and when I finally got a hold of the second person who said they would come get me my stoned ass said “Nah, its cool, I’ll sleep in the car, just wanted someone to know what is up”. LMAO

Honestly, I ended up having to take a shit in my own yard. And everyone makes fun of me for keeping a roll of toilet paper in ziplock in my car…

The rest of the story is at one point a neighbor I didn’t know “caught me” on a ladder poking our bedroom window with a 2x4 trying to wake up my girlfriend. My face was painted for the halloween party. He offered to let me stay on his couch. NOPE. I refused.

Finally my girl woke up and I got her attention. I took a hot shower and then went out to clean up the garage a bit from the party and look for my phone. I ended up cutting my finger on a broken whiskey bottle no one had told me about and the next day looking at it, it was debateable whether i could have used stitches. SO…you’ll see why I’m hesitant to take edibles again.


That was a wild ride. Could be one of the more legendary stories I’ve heard unfold on IDMf. Damn dude…

whatever happened to your yard-turd tho?


Well, I did it in the mulch between the garage and the house where basically no one would probably see me even in the day. We had finished yard work for the fall (It was Halloween weekend) so it just got covered by snow and was gone in the spring.

And yea, pretty epic drug romp for eating just one edible and having a few drinks…lol


Well damn. Hope you got that taken care of man. I had a friend that went through that and I was with him when it started bothering him.


whatever happened to your yard-turd tho?

Speaking of: I too took a shit in my own front yard of a rental house in college in South Austin. I forget why, but I think it had something to do with the bathroom being occupied and certainly I was drunk. In any case, I went to bed and drove my car to school. That afternoon it was very sunny. I approached the front door of the house and saw this jet black, dried up turd on the lawn. Disgusted and irritated, I then slowly realized I was the culprit.


I’m loving these stories…keep 'em coming.


I love how this thread has evolved. Heh. This is more things you did pissed.

In keeping with the theme, I once attended the wedding of some friends at a hotel downtown. They had paid for an open bar, and at the time I considered myself fairly responsible with that sort of thing. I recall the priest doing the ceremony went into this long speech before we were going to eat, and this prompted me to protest to my friend at my table, who was annoyed with me. No matter, I thought! Later, I remember doing a few things and then I left.

I drove by my old garage apartment on Red River Street and to my amazement, there was a full on punk band playing in my old garage where I had my washer and dryer. I parked of course, and started to go into the party. Some young drunk guy took offense to my formal wedding clothing, and he began to hassle me in the front yard. “Get out of here, suit guy!” he said. I too was drunk, so I roughly pushed him onto the grass and went in. The band was great! I watched for a few minutes and then went upstairs and introduced myself to the hostess.

She knew me she said! How so? To the closet we went and my ex-girlfriend had written our former landlady’s name down and that she was a cunt, signed my name. That was too funny. Some kid down at the punk show in the garage got super into it and with exuberance grabbed some exposed water pipes in the ceiling, breaking them at an old patch I put in when they froze once. Water gushed everywhere and there was some scrambling to shut the water off. Fact was, the party was pretty much soaked, so I went home.

The next day my friend at the dinner table at the wedding told me a story. I had apparently danced with a married girl at the wedding and then bit her on the shoulder. Then she told her husband and a search was conducted to find the cad responsible and punish him with an ass beating. I had of course by then left. WHAT???!!! I could not believe it. My memory of the night’s events was complete. I did this, the punk party, etc. It was the first time I learned that you can have a blackout spanning mere minutes and then remember other events flawlessly. Jesus, that was one nutty night. I have never had that much to drink again.


A couple years ago I got some really good. Like REALLY good, early 90’s, 100% pure crystal MDMA. The kind of shit where everyone does one does and that is it, cut off, no really you are good for the night. My friend who got it for me used two different chemical regent tests. 100%.

Anyway. The week long festival I go to every July, my main tribe is usually my girl and my best guy friend these days. He has done MDMA with me like one or two times previously at this point. So on one of the last nights of the fest we dose and the world is just warm, melty love butter.

My buddy is a great guy, defo a weirdo, but is pretty straight laced in 90% of his life. He does some kind of stuff with Progressive Insurance with marketing and their website. Pretty reserved when it comes to talking about personal stuff like sex etc.

By the end of the night this dude is running around naked, with chip bag clips on his nipples trying to get people at our campsite (we had about 20 people hanging out at our fire) to chase him and whip is ass with a towel. Like…dude…I was straight up belly laughing at this guy for like fucking 30 minutes. It is like the most insane shit I have ever seen this dude do.

The next day I’m crawling bleary eyed out of my tent and see him walking back to camp from the cafe on site with a huge plate of pancakes with a huge smile on his face and the first thing he says to me is “Dude, we have more of that shit for tonight right?”

Also…100% we need a thread “Things You Did Pissed”


They just dope you up and pull it, which feels real nice :slight_smile:

Thanks bros. I had a hard time waking up but didn’t die. After the hospital staff thought I was a gonner my wife said the codeword ‘coffee’ and the lights came back on