The Worst album art




Any modern prog album by far has the most cheesy european artwork on the planet.


I’m going to call out a band that I actually kind of dig, musically. Their artwork 100% of the time sucks balls.

I still can’t choose which one to call their worst, because they all look like they were made by somebody who pirated photoshop and just figured out the pen tool… and nothing else. Complete garbage.

Even the arrangement of colors, basic composition elements, weight of the image… nope. Fuck all of that, because we’re a prog metal band. Why do they have to do this shit?


The guys have a nice design, what are you dissatisfied with?:sweat_smile::relaxed:

Much better than viper covers that posted higher.

Maybe it’s all because of the style of music.



Fucking hell.


Comatose Music is always a winner, too



I had to google this. I was expecting sk8 punk but I got white trash mullet rock


It was considered grunge back then. “Everything about you” I had to suffer way too many times in various clubs/bar/other venues. Terrible, terrible song.

“White trash mullet rock” is a much better appellation though! Grunge sucked balls anyway, including Nirvana (unpopular opinion, I know). The mid to late 90"s/early 2000’s were an absolute dreadful time for music, aside from a few exceptions.


“Butt Rock” I only know that Cats in the Cradle cover from them. I have to hear it every Monday…along with I’m Just a Girl, that one Four Non Blondes song, the Friends song, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, etc… I cherish Saturdays, which is just some good 70’s rock stuff.

But then I walk into any store and just hear the same thing across all decades. I used to LIKE She Works Hard for the Money, dangit! Frickin playlists have ruined everything…

90’s and 2000’s were a treasure chest of indie and underground, just like it’s always been throughout every era. Sounds like you were just listening to shitty music. snooty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Obvious statement is obvious.

I should have specified that I was talking about music on a more mainstream scope - what’s considered the music of the times, assaulting our ears whether we like it or not, depending on location. I worked in restaurants and warehouses for a while in those years and the shit that those places played/blasted 24/7 was absolutely atrocious. Then there was Nu-metal, etc.

On a personal level, I was deep into experimental music. Never heard S.B.O.T.H.I. or :zoviet*france: on rotation 10 times a day on mainstream radio, for some reason.


Ha, well…that stuff has always sucked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s me: could you at least play a different Weezer song than Buddy Holy? Or maybe a different Beck song than Two Turn Tables?


Edit: i see i replied to Morphic post. It was not intended to be a reply to Morphic

Yeah that is the official cover


What shall we put on the cover?

I know, a cow’s ass.


is that an actual iron maiden cover ? that is so amateur


It looks like PS1 graphics :slight_smile: