The Worst album art


Man I’ve seen so much album art that make me wonder how is it even possible to be a musician and not show some sensibility for visual art too. Don’t get me started on promotional videos. Sometimes the music matches the art, though.
this one is obviously a joke. still probably bad taste but that’s another debate


Damn, we can’t post the obligatory Nigel Pepper Cock anymore. That one still gets my vote as the worst.

Actually I wanted to make this thread really bad until I remembered I couldn’t open with that old gem.


haha omg

the other results of that google search are fantastic as well

this one is just sex-themed generic dub


I love this album


I actually like these guys for the weird folk music, but this is the shittiest design in the world


is the watermark part of it? that’d be kind of genius


You guys have clearly never heard of viper


This one was literally distributed by a major label.


hey, it’s so bad it’s good. at least it always makes me laugh.


Didn’t all the creed album art look like that tho lol


I took those pictures at the store this summer

this one looks like 90’s gangsta rap but it’s actually super intense gospel preaching. The art is ok, all things considered. Fantastic album name, though.

that face with that album title …lol



When a man has emotions. was this coined the same time as mansplaining?


Yeah, that one just takes the cake. They tried harder everywhere else