The Worst album art


The blending on that second one is so haphazard; just a random blanket of noise on the top, that ghost thing is just randomly floating through the fog like a quick cutout and those buglike ufo’s just look like they were duplicated to try to add more crap to the piece.

To be honest, I love it. I think they did it on purpose, Breen style. The band totally bought it


Just take a lo-res picture of your mullet. You do have one, right? Good! Say cheese.


I shit you not, this is an actual album cover.



I think I actually like this somehow. Whose is it?


saw this one somewhere. has to be the worst of 2019


Fred, it’s from an obscure SoundCloud artist.



Isn’t he the keyboardist for one of those annoying prog bands? I hope he just shreds the entire time


I love this album in a bargain-bin kind of way. Perfect bargain bin cover, too


WOW. For the last 15 years or so I thought Jordan Rudess was in System of a Down

Turns out that guy’s name is Shavo Odadjian


I’m not the smartest person in the world…


No, this shit happens all the time. They’re just time travelling doppelgangers


Here’s a Drake album art

The sad thing is that, he didn’t actually kill himself.


And he used a very wrong youre. There’s no right time for that one.


My fawm album art i literally made the art in Ms paint and thought fuck it just make a circle and call it a day lol


its not the worst… jut a bit wierd tho :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t get why some bands (intentionally) create fugly covers that are not even remotely clever or funny. I mean, if the cover of your album looks like absolutely shit, how is the music supposed to be any different…?


Good cover arts are nice to have (marketing?), but I don’t “listen to album arts” and don’t think they are dealbreaker. Good track is good track regardless of “cover art”


I agree.

What this? Music about cows? Farming?

Nope, it’s one of the best pre-dark side Floyd albums :sunglasses:


We’ll “agree to disagree” then. Cover art is part of the whole package. Not giving 2 shits about it is cheapening your music. It’s not a question of marketing or sales. I’ll always question poor taste, even if the music is good.

That said, good for you if it doesn’t bother you!


no its the alternate art of blink 182s dude ranch