The Time Released Sound Ambient World Program [Compilation CD]

A dream coming true… Curating an ambient/space music compilation featuring a combination of new gems, long out of print classics, and obscure and rare re-releases :earth_asia::notes:
…presented as a truly iconic total artwork on the Time Released Sound label from San Francisco.
Out now :sunglasses:

01 Purl - Thaw 07:48
02 Logic Moon - Nucleus 06:07
03 Hotel Neon - 1:57 AM 09:02
04 offthesky & Pleq - Simulacromancer 06:07
05 Sven Kössler & Si Matthews - Interlude Recharge 04:23
06 Chris Weeks - Killing Time 07:04
07 Mind Over Midi - In The Shades 04:58
08 Ruxpin - Autocaz 05:32
09 How To Disappear Completely - Sever 07:54
10 Shuta Yasukochi - Far In The Distance 04:41
11 Benoît Pioulard - VII 05:59
12 Seigo Aoyama - Rain In The Distance 04:01
13 Kenta Kamiyama - Blue Algae In Dion Lake 05:36

Digital bonus tracks:
14 Velleitie - Oil Combing the Arid Grid 09:17
15 Rikaar - Dark Vacuum 07:16
16 Eternell - Always Falling 04:22

Deep space divers, watch out :man_astronaut:

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this comp is fucking incredible.

so many lush tracks. I’m all about it… save me a hand made copy because I will be buying this. jesus H


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please and thank you

edit 3

thanks for the amazing share, this is just the kind of shit I need for my Elite: Dangerous playlist

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purchased the physical, you guys are doing killer work!

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technically this doesn’t meet the 30 post count requirement but god damn for once I’m glad you put this up. Been spinning the tracks on BC all morning, this is perfect shit.

reminds me a lot of carbon based lifeforms / SVLBRD / Steve Roach

Can’t wait to get the physical and check it out. I might buy two, lol

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Wild thanks, man! Stoked that you dig it that much… :sunglasses:
Really tried to compile one of the best possible ambient/space collections, including some genre expanding stuff later on, especially with the Japanese tracks.
That “Autcaz” classic by Ruxpin originally appeared back in 2000 on Elektrolux. I’m super happy that I could obtain this gem for this compilation.

However no music by me on this release. :wink: My illegal post (incl. music by myself) was this one:

At least I had 1500 posts or so on the old IDMf though.

Got my copy today!! Just as awesome as I thought it’d be. Thanks man! Love this release.

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Super cool, man :grinning: - Have a good trip!

If you’d like to do so, post the pic in the Facebook thread of the label where also other listeners posted a pic of their copy:

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