[IDM] ELM Collective Compilation "Time Before the Moon"

ELM Collective is a netlabel from London powering IDM, braindance, sci-fi electronica.
Their latest compilation is out…

I’m happy to contribute a cyborganic collabo track (#10) together with Custola and my violin playing friend Alex (to add some steampunk flavour) :sunglasses:

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Nice track dude! That’s really avant garde and unique. Getting the steampunk vibes. It’s like horror string textured breakbeat. Rad!

Overall this comp seems really varied and nice, definitely going to have to spin it and check this label out. I especially like some of the more BoC flavored picks, awesome.

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Thanks for sharing the vibes, @nose :sunglasses:

Usually my tracks are through-composed - for this one, I loosened the reins, for a bit more havoc :wink: