The thread about stuff and things...a thread for opinions

Its neither philosophy nor politics just opinions about stuff…the kind of stuff that you have an opinion about but it also doesnt have a huge impact on your life.

Is it just me or does upon maturing to adulthood do people (young adults) go through an “oppression” phase where they struggle to find their own place in society. When the reality that they experience doesnt meet up with their expectations.

Some people either figure out their shit and succeed and by succeed i mean achieve their goals or they live in a state of perpetual maladjustment believing in a false sense of oppression. This false sense of oppression leads to constant blame shifting and taking no personal responisibility.

Im not saying oppression does not exist. Im just proposing that maybe some of the rhetoric thats on social media and the news stems from personal maladjustment.

Im talking about the people that are middle class and complain about society on the internet.

To be fair i think that i may have gone through something similar like an “oppression” phase but i wouldnt call it that. I would define my shit more like… “welcome to the real world, what are you made of.”

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I feel this. I think I definitely went through a phase like this after graduate school. I know that I was 100% lied to about the availability of my ideal career path…but I 100% spent a lot of time partying in graduate school instead of doing things to get where I’d wanted to get but on the other hand no one actually described the reality of trying to make a living in academia the way I’ve been going about it.

There was a lot of coming to terms with my own failures vs. what I was told/not told and the accountant is still out on whether the larger part of the balance falls on me or my “betters” in grad school. At this point I’m calling it 50/50 and blaming myself.

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Ok thanks. I repped for you because of your input.

Feel free to opine about anything.

I don’t remember ever feeling “oppressed” per se… I do remember experiencing a sense of “unfairness” in my early employment experiences… but I never felt it was personal. Rather, I looked at it as an obstacle to overcome… or live with; purely my decision on how to deal with anything happening to me that I was not OK with.

I’m sure that had a lot do with the fact that I was born at a time and place where such an experience was possible.

I would not have felt or reacted the same way under serfdom, or slavery, or conscription into the military, or colonialism, or capitalist exploitation etc.

I was fortunate to not experience any of that… some might say I experienced capitalist exploitation but I’m oblivious or in denial. I don’t believe so… capitalism cut both ways for me… I stepped into the world of “Factory Fodder” for a short while in my early years… I couldn’t do it… I was often fired and just as often quit. Fortunately I had some choices and was self aware enough to find a way to survive that I could live with (redundancy intended :sunglasses::sparkles:)


Watching nature bbc earth or whatever…basically anything wildlife is super relaxing and helps with anxiety and depression.

Bbc earth has helped me make sense of some life things.

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Some rap lyrics are more intellectually engaging than arthouse media and phd thesis papers.

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So true… partly because of them … and partly because of us… and partly because of culture clash.

But in the end … one could line up some art house media and phd thesis papers with some Rap and come to the opposite conclusion.

Context :sunglasses:

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One problem with a master’s thesis or phd dissertation is that everyone wants to write something unique so people end up writing about some really, really obscure shit. You are at like…the “meta nerd” level on the topic at that point. It probably isn’t going to interest anyone that hasn’t studied deeply in that field.

Also some academics love to write in dense, obtuse language as a pissing contest to see how difficult they can make their shit to read.

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I wanna post about a bunch of crap about my views about the crap i see on social media.

But it would just feed the social media brainwashing machine. So here are cliffnotes.

Misogynists are quick to play the misandry card.

Racists are quick to play the reverse racism card.

narcissism quotes are being used to brainwash people into being more isolated and give mostly bad advice.

In being able to Point out intellectual hypocrisy in social issues it only accomplishes one thing which is effectively being more obtuse and obnoxious.

The oppressed dont want revenge against…they are just done with their treatment stemming from ignorance and hate and others just not getting/understanding it.

The other stuff is the same old dance and tune from a few years ago just repackaged and remarketed and repurposed nothing new.

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The other lines in your post are examples of the human tendency to react, rather than think :thought_balloon: the reaction is mere reflex… thinking takes effort and is risky. (Someone may out think you or prove you wrong… not fun)

This explains why your quote about the oppressed is so frustrating to the oppressed… they just want it to stop… and too many people unthinkingly react in a way that serves only to perpetuates the oppression, or at best does nothing.

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I meant to put to rest the false irrational fear mongering…propaganda… but you make a good point that i didnt think of.

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Also Whats wrong about being wrong…if a person is wrong they learn they grow…

Seriously what happened to people that they cant admit that they are wrong sometimes.

Also close this thread i realize that this benign thread is the idmf equivalent of twitter. So…yeah.

Twitter doesnt belong on idmf. Sorry my bad.


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Thread revival this gonna be my own personal default thread should i ever need to talk about social issues and politics…so that i dont pollute the rest of idmf with my bullshit.

I renamed my own thread for clarity.

My own disliking certain individuals stems from those certain people mistreating me in the past.

So thats why i made some blanket statements…and those general blanket statements were directed at those individuals of whom arent on idmf…

i didnt name names cause its bad form and its cowardly…
id rather just curse the person out directly in person

Some of those general statements were directed at those certain individuals and not the demographic they belong to. So yea.

Im also Trying not to complain everytime i face adversity.

Blah blah blah blah blah bblah ablah

A person is a dumbass if they risk everything just to prove to another dumbass that they are real.

Paraphrasing snoop dogg…

What is the male equivalent of karen???

Snowflake vs snowflake
Whose feelings hurt more…
Which guy acts like the biggest spoiled princess
Pound for pound cockfight

Snowflake vs snowflake on pay per view

Im looking at political compass memes…

Memes are just propaganda…

Yawn bye.

Thesis on sex philosophy…

Things should be this way…

But Things are that way…

Insert overthinking

Insert lame social media terms for a bunch of fake bullshit that is perpetuated by some con artists in order brainwash and hustle a bunch of suckers on the internet.

^some of what i see.

Umar johnson on the breakfast club…
Jordan peterson on joe rogan
Insert female equivalent of those two i guess that would be abcs the view…

I cant do this pundit opinion o sphere commentator bubble with controversial content that supposedly makes me galvinized over things for no reason.

Do these things matter yes…

But im more concerned about getting a handle on my own business and doing what i need to in terms of responsibility in order to be a better functioning person.

But thats the thing most of the issues being discussed by these people are about other people that face desparities or challenges in trying to handle their own business.

However it just gets to a point of where it is just divisive…nothing in regards to how to be proactive is rarely ever discussed because perpetual problems that promote tribalism equals money and ratings sometimes which is why im not gonna buy into that.

Sharing your reality is one thing but inadvertently participating in the needless tribal galvinization is another.

Everything is a thing that means a thing of which it is existentially important because of an idealistic truth that we should all live by.

What im getting at is at what point does a certain kind of arguement of which people use to take advantage of legitimate issues; makes the some of the issues that they are arguing for, a charicture of mockery, absurdity, and nonsense.

Potato means potato.
Potato is just a potato.
Potatoes just do one thing…potatoes potate.