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Twisted pop psychology.


Some people will not like you because they percieve you as a threat to their place in some stupid social heirarchy that only exists in their heads. They will also not like you because of your potential to be better than them and will even try to destroy you because of your potential.

Fuck those people keep on trucking.


Years of both sides using identity politics is why people expressing their political opinions sometimes looks and feels like a personal attack.

This happens through the viewing of all cultural and social events through a political lens.

Im guessing the best thing to do in order to not get riled up over identity politics is to remember that it isnt about you and it doesnt always apply to you.

Not saying this to be mean but moreso as a helpful reminder.


Kevin samuels…
I just see a clash of individual neuroses. From both him and the people that he engages with.

Opportunistic populist demagogue ceo,

america isnt a corporation…
It is country of which everyone who lives here agrees to live by the written and unwritten societal contract…it isnt about being a king, or building your own subway sandwhich so you can have it your way…

Me too

Being uncomfortable with entitled people treating others as objects and oversexualizing others,…

But also being able to have sexual freedom on their own terms by basically having a choice and not having to fear being used and abused by assholes/ idiots.

And lastly standing up for yourself…against being mistreated

That other ism…

Tired of being unfairly condemned to disparity and treated unjustly and discriminated against for no reason…

Having to deal many negative experiences, living in fear, and people mistreating you just because you look different.

Being forced to deal with shitty situations and being traumatized by those experiences in addition being left to figure out how to cope with it without any help.

Insert other stuff i cant think of. Also Not trying to be insulting just trying to think from a different perspective.

And the extremist groups just want to be tomorrows monster. All because they believe in their convictions.


@relic Are you sure that goes for all of them? I know quite a number of academics who are not like that at all. What you describe goes for some of them, but it may not apply to all of them. Many just try to do good work, like most people do.

As for the language, they adopt the jargon of the people they write for. But so do musicians, and bicycle repair men, and hairdressers. Jargons come with jobs and people who do them :slightly_smiling_face:


No. It isnt all of them! I am just very much against the obtuse text pissing contest and the classism in higher education. I also fully understand academics in a field writing primarily to their peers are probably going to use a hefty amount of jargon.

I just dislike the moderate democrat wine and cheese “I donate to NPR as a flex” crowd.

I teach first year writing to a lot of underprivileged students and it ends up being my job to let them know that as liberal as academia appears, they are not always as much on the side of the underprivileged as they make themselves out to be.


I agree that some higher educations have this, some have it far less. I think it depends a lot on where you are from, and what field you are in. But it is clear that you have come across it.

What academics do and what you teach are two very different topics, but I think I understand where your emotion comes from. I think we both agree that people are nothing less if they are not academics, and that some of the latter may adopt attitudes where they shouldn’t. Am I correct? Or is it just the language?

I just look at it this way: don’t let a surgeon repair your bike, and don’t let a bicycle repair man do a vasectomy. Both do very respectable things. I think we agree that this isn’t always visible in what they get paid :pensive:.


In response to your last paragraph first, absolutely.

And I have a high regard for much of academia.

I have just run across a lot of individuals who teach undergraduates who have an obvious disdain for students who don’t want to become Renaissance people, who as freshmen aren’t as prepared as others, who just want to do well enough and get through their four years and get a job,. These individuals won’t give a student a break or a second chance “because this is college!”

They mock 20 year olds who haven’t read the classics when they went to a high school whose history books —to quote Family Guy— “still refer to the Civil Rights movement as “trouble ahead.” “

They act all woke but totally destroy the essay grades of disadvantaged PoC/rural white kids because their English is slightly less formal. (And I do mean slightly less, as in the student tried to their absolute best to make it perfect enough)

It isn’t everyone. It isn’t. But I see it far too often. Granted I teach in Northeast Ohio. Probably has something to do with it.

Some of them just need to come down from their tower.

95% of undergrads literally have no use for a lot of the formal, academic writing stuff we teach them. I think everyone should learn how to write well. But why does the goal have to be 20 page formal academic research papers? You can expand your mind and work your brain with all kinds of writing. You can credit an another author without worrying about APA and MLA.

Liberal education is valuable. But we could modify it a bit.

Now you have me fired up lol :slight_smile:


I agree with you @relic i remember when i took an economics class the professor said the simple way isnt sufficient…you have to use all the loaded jargon…


Imo the why use the loaded jargon when using the simpler language is more effective in delivering your point to others.


APA or MLA are just formalities, but I suspect we will agree that it is important that you mention the sources you use. We wouldn’t want students who just pick whatever source they can find on the web, would we?

We don’t have that disdain as much here, in the Netherlands. Still, it is handier if you know your classics, if only because it is handy to have them at hand should you ever want to make use of them. Again some fields have this more than others. I agree, there are more ways to get to Rome.

And yes, learning to write well is a necessity.

Academic writing is academic writing, so they teach it as such here. It is meant to write research papers. But our other form of higher education, let’s call that vocational training, is much more about putting theory to practice. The writing style there much more focuses on how to use the theory on the workfloor, but still begs a lot of knowledge and skill…

I try to avoid the use of the word ‘woke’. It has good intentions, but it has been very damaged in public discourse. Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut. The fact that you have the right to say something does not mean that you should - bulls and China shops.


@bfk yea for economics 101 I don’t see the point. Save it for the upper division courses that economics majors take


Yea. I think we are in agreement. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. These observations are based on just my experiences with individuals in academia, though I have heard similar stories from other Uni teachers in the US. It is good to know that doesn’t exist in the Netherlands.

Also, I wish we had similar “vocational” options countries like yours do. Many of my students would be much happier and more successful in such programs. I would probably be happier teaching writing in those programs.


In my encounter with gang bangers…and gang banger wannabes…

A lot of the political rhetoric is so far removed from the reality.

It shits all over the idealism that spurs armchair opinions.