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To discuss technology and how it affects our lives…
I for one dont like the internet of things to me somethings should just be analog…I dont need to voice activate my stove with amazons alexa…

Reasons why the internet of things sucks
A)it can be hacked…
B)really it’s just another excuse to be lazy
C)what if the internet goes down…
D)planned obsolescence…I swear if companies makes ppl upgrade this shit like an iphone… that is fucked…i dont have that kind of expendable income…

The monitor your own home thing with cameras I guess is good for personal security…however wtf if it gets hacked my going to the bathroom will be public display…pros and cons…


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The more time I spend on computers, the more disconnected I feel. I’m sure some people have the opposite effect, but I genuinely get anxiety attacks when I think about the internet of things or just how far-reaching technology can become or already has. Confronting how ‘hooked’ I already am is pretty terrifying as well.

Personally I’m like 2 steps away from throwing my phone / laptop into a lake and sleeping in the woods for a week just to detox and see how I feel after that. I’m a classic technology addict, I guess, and have been for far too long.

From my perspective, it all just looks like a new way to make yourself completely strung out. Although the advances that happen all the time are incredibly monumental, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on underneatht he surface. Something tells me I can’t be the only one suffering from it.


options are great, dumbed down and over simplified user experiences aren’t. I think it’s a good time to be a nerd if you’re resourceful but even then you’re bound to encounter frustrating experiences here and there. Mostly thinking about software and ‘general consumer’ tech though


To be fair, a better way to state this would be,

Presenting Dumbed down and oversimplified UX is great, when there’s options to make it more complicated as it needs to for the user. It’s not a good assumption to think an end user isn’t an absolute idiot in most cases, at least in the beginning,


True, wish more people made user interfaces/experiences like this


Don’t you mean laptops, plural right? Or have you downsized? That is a good step forward. :smile:

I agree with taking a break from things related to computers, especially the social aspect. It’s nice to get a reboot and focus on the actual things that make you, IRL.

Sometimes you find the things you’re hooked into aren’t that important.


Alexa is now a feature with wireless head phones…come on seriously…bluetooth talking to yourself…now with alexa you know someones listening and it talks back so you be less crazy…fml so you dont need relationships you gots alexa…lolwut…isolated world blah, this is a fucked up trend…its just as fucked up as the internet…nice job…humanity


To the best of my ability I have disabled it on my cellphone and I absolutely refuse to participate in the Internet of Things.


Being jealous of a voice-response system seems a bit excessive.

I don’t use one myself, but I could see it being useful for people who need to communicate verbally with their computers because of physical disability, - like from the effects if cerebral palsy or severe arthritis, for example.


I’ve seen a much larger push in general towards accessibility for computers over the past few years. From Xbox making their dissability controller system, to accessibility starting to come up in reviews of certain product segments. I work in shoes and they’re starting to take steps for accessibility there too.


for some reason i caved and bought the new “Modern Warfare” (call of duty) game.

I look on the back of the case:


we are living in the data storage future that nobody asked for but got anyways.

Super cool to have a disc holding 1/10th of that data tho


That one game on my Xbox S or whatever it would kill me for any other games.


They looked at red dead redemption two and just had to top it…

Seriously with RDR II I get it because of the size of the world and how many assets and how much voice acting would’ve gone into that. But for a 10-ish hour on-rails campaign with assets recycled to make the multiplayer? I don’t see it.

I feel you on picking it up though, I’m going to wait until I upgrade my PC next year, but I’m very interested to see what the new direction holds.


I think the engine they use to keep up their really buttery 60FPS for some reason doesn’t unpackage assets very well? So it’s a lot of raw uncompressed textures or something? I’m not sure. CoD titles have been getting exponentially larger in file size every year.

When does RDR2 come out on PC again?


I’ve a PS4 and the installation size of game data makes it seem at least to me that 500GB of internal storage capacity of the console seem like a fucking joke.

But I still <3 it.


150 GB is more than 1/10th of the way into Comcast’s regular plan, which means you’d really have to watch how many games of that size you download, unless you feel like paying all the fees required.

Isn’t that basically what’s going on with Stadia now? Nobody wants to touch it thanks to how much data gets eaten up when playing. Someone has to take that bottleneck off, and bandwidth isn’t free.

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