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Like the facebook page…or the app…

But Honestly nowadays you have to read in between the lines…because of there is what happened and what is reported…not everything is in the corporate eyewitness social media news machine


Its 2020 and le internet lyfe is so 2010


The big prototype screen they show in the second half of this is fucking NUTS


How did nobody else find this post sick as fuck? Yeah i’m bumpin my own post here


Still bumping this months later,

also I just noticed this was in the site feedback subforum? Lol


Think we had problems making new threads in the off-topic/lifestyle area at that time. I remember watching this, I’m intrigued, but man I can’t run psuedo-3d VR on my PC yet, it’s definitely not ready for this.


Has anyone tried this?

I just fixed up a PC that was given to me, gave my wife my second desktop setup for gaming and ended up with the piece of shit that she was using for school and couldn’t believe how fucking terrible it was. Kiosk to the rescue!

Now I have like 8 setups, this is getting to be too much


from my IT experience, thin clients are a good means to an end when deploying to many end-users. especially when all they are set up to do is remotely connect to a desktop/session. At home, however, the idea of using thin clients isn’t very appealing. But to be fair, now and then I do think something like a tablet/kiosk at the kitchen for basic browsing like for cooking or Youtube would be cool and trendy ahaha. I guess what would really merit it is the planned use,


I like to think about the internet of things whilst I sit down in a nice comfy chair with my thinking hat placed firmly on my head and a pre warmed finger gently nestled in my dirt chamber. It can be wildly exciting to imagine this future with billions upon billions of devices all connected.
The gains in efficiency for society that I imagine are possible are the only concept or idea I have come across that allow me to actually believe I might be able to die semi comfortably one day.
Yes this stuff can be hacked now but it wont be like that for too long as people are ramping up the efforts to implement a method of networking between these devices in a trusted and secure way.
Its a big ask but Im banking on the next industrial revolution to come and save me from my miserable fate. nice one.


Yo the internet of things is very binary computers are stupid they only do what you tell them to do…if the machine doesnt work, then the instructions got fucked up…

Passing a turing test is the only way a computer can be classified as having artificial intelligence…but even that takes creative programming to accomplish.