The Shitty Battlestation Thread


The antithesis nobody asked for but got anyways on the flex of show me pics of your set up is finally here:

Post shitty battlestations you have, you’ve seen, you know the drill.

I’ll kick this off with my own in the glory of moving / packing / stacking / cluttering shit in a quarantine.


interesting wallpaper


Easter wasn’t much this year but there’s still eggs to be found :blush:


I find the dichotomy of this piece particularly fascinating. Discuss.


dude y u no have lightsaber???


That looks like how I decorate my house in animal crossing. Just whatever I find that fits.


@nose left taskbar squad! glad to see you ! btw you got yourself a big screen!


thanks man! glad to see you too buddy :slight_smile:

I picked up left side taskbar after too much EVE Online and getting sick of that shit never autohiding and fucking up my borderless windowed apps haha.



ok, I’m a total slob at my worst but why shoes on the desk lmao


Reposting from my lowest point in life


Haha I’m currently moving and shit is everywhere so I was stacking things whererever. XD


OH. Understandable!


I think this was my worst battlestation in recent years.


Found a rare hybrid-CRT/laptop in the wild today online


That CRT monitor stand is sexy.


Dude, did you rad the prop department from “Hackers” lmao


Hahaha, I wish. Not my set up XD


aw man, bummer : ( lmao


haha yeah, Only my first photo is mine. For some reason I get sporadic urges to be a racoon in the trash to find shitty battlestations for some reason.

I’m not really good at conversation starters.

posts pictures of broken computers and trash