The Shitty Battlestation Thread


I had a minute where I was buying beloved but cheap old music hardware. Most of it was honestly so awful to use I don’t believe anyone who says they actually enjoy using it (Though if I could get like a 16 knob Serum rompler I would consider it). I lost so much money selling that shit.

Also that trash panda is my spirit animal because I <3 High Life


Back in '76 DAWs used to only cost a nickel, so me and my 'ducer friends used to set up a whole bunch of 'em and make fat beats until the sun came up. Those were the days


Heh, my shitty battlestation is currenty quite shitty, CDs all over the fucking place. I am trying to burn my entire collection to disk and sort them by genre into folders…it is quite a project as I think I have something like a thousand CDs in my collection. I may pluck up and post a pic, we shall see. I would have to go upstairs and get my phone tho.



You do you boo but I hope that ain’t actually your space.


No, this was a reddit find of the day, but my other posts are / were mine


There are many things wrong with this setup, but this was actually the most spacious it gets without the Arturia Minibrute on the desk. someone painted the trim pink, so scope out the totally not a hackjob of painting it grey.


My setup like 4 years ago


omg that monitor…lol. what is that 12x12 inch square?


I know, it looks like it lmao
this was one of the most ghetto stages of my setup for sure lol


The speakers look bigger than the actual monitor… which you could argue is having your priorities straight. But let’s talk about that monitor stand/amp thing for a second. I had something like that when I was younger. Good times. I remember when that was peak sound to me. How were those things for actually mixing?


Ahhh surprisingly not terrible, not great either though, both the speakers/amp and the monitor where free haha.
So I don’t think I had my priorities straight, but it ended up working out cause I at least held onto and still use 4 out of 7 of the midi controllers from this setup, and then replaced everything else with my dream gear once I actually decided to spend money. It’s a little funny that the first studio monitors I decided to actually buy were A7Xs.


are you playing jenga with those monitors? it makes me anxious as fuck


Nice tablet on the left


Oh, I apparently had a whole post written that I never sent. I basically said:

  • excellent taste in Daft Punk
  • What happens when you play Magic?
  • good monitors tho
  • jesus what makes that macbook float? because it looks like its constantly falling