The One Box Challenge


Well, I go the Digitakt out.


Went for a cottage holiday.
Packed the Model:Cycles and power bank, forgot the headphones to mini adapter.


Even better, it’s a one box no ears challenge.


Get a pair of cheap headphones at the local general store?


Digitakt + Legowelt sample libraries = watch out dusty house grooves coming your way


I decided to try the LXR for this, but since it is a drum machine in principle, do not expect any vocals or huge chords…Though I might multi-track it with a few different patches. maybe I can squeeze some chords out of it that way. Since there are no built in effects other than a bit crusher, I am allowing myself a pedal or maybe 2.


I didn’t know you had that box. Its pretty cool for a drum machine if I remember. @Creepr I wouldn’t fault you if you wanted to sequence some kind of synth with that one, it doesn’t even sample!


Yes, I was struggling with it until I moved it next to my desk and was able to fiddle whenever I wanted…I am finding a lot more to like in it now that I am spending time with it. go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought about sequencing a “synth voice” via another bit of hardware…I might do my triode as it is a tasty bass machine. :slight_smile: I mean, it is just a sound source at that point, not really a separate machine. :smiley:


Automageddon presents: Bear Onesie
featuring Model:Cycles only, not even any post-processing.
I made a few mistakes, as on the Cycles sometimes I struggle changing patterns at the right time but overall happy about it.
I will defo re-use some bits for an Automageddon track…

Skip to the break at 3:10 to see my cat stretching in the background…


Dude that’s great! Really surprised at the bass that box can spit out. Really blew the doors off my car this morning. Mix sounding pretty good too both in my car and on my phone, where most people watch stuff like this I think. Excellent variation in the middle. Stoked you put up a video.


I think that’s testament to how well thought the machines on the Cycles are, they work really well with each other and all have quite some range.
Glad you liked the track, I think the middle section and the bass part are what I’ll recycle.


I haven’t even started yet. Just finished the video to which the track will be made to. Will plan it out this evening and all going well, I should start recording tomorrow evening.


I have a second track in the oven, this time made using only one drum track on the Force and some samples, this one a more typical Automageddon track.
I’ve already programmed most of the patterns, next variations and effects.
Will try to make a video and incorporate the crossfader and the macros.


Track. Update 1 quick edit


In fact, the synthesizer itself is not visible there. It was a TB303 emulator. I turned the knobs and recorded the wave. I did it twice.




OMG I just listened to the mix and it sounds terrible !!! Sorry :smiley:


The downside of using one box only


Here’s another One box track I’m working on:

This one is being composed on the Akai Force, with one bank of one drum track only.
Which gives you soo much:
16 samples, 4 insert effects per sample, 4 insert track effects, 4 insert master effects and I also split the sounds across 3 busses.
Plus of course filters and envelopes.
The Force has a lot of untapped potential and the latest update made it more focused, but I still have gripes with how basin the sampling engine can feel when compared to the Digitakt.
Same goes for the step sequencer, it’s no Elektron.
Also exported straight to mp3 from the Force.

Not too happy with the arrangement and some aspect of the mix, plus I still need to work on all transitions, it is still very patterney at the moment…


Maschine Plus Onebox Breakbeat Jam…

In total the piece is 7 tracks - 3 breakbeats (sampled), dusty pads (sampled), dusty bass (sampled), vocal cut (sampled) and 1 instance of Massive. As far as imposed limitations go I will say I didn’t expressly limit myself in any way. But at the same time I think the elements used are minimal enough to pass without expressly using a specific limitation.

This is also my first piece with this device. I will say it’s a really fun and intuitive piece of gear that I’m planning on enjoying using for a while. Might be the most fun, comprehensive device I’ve used. I had an Akai Force for a while but the form factor really killed it for me with that device. Loved the functionality but the I much prefer a 16 pad layout to a 64 pad layout. That’s what pushes me away from Push as well, the layout. Maschine Plus for me nails it on many fronts.

Really enjoyed this and looking forward to more of these with you guys in the future.