The One Box Challenge


Dann, I hate it when I’ve come to the firm conclusion that a particular piece of gear sucks but then it turns out I’m just bad at programming it. :grinning:

I already boxed the model:cycles and put it up for sale, now I’ll have to give it a second chance…


It’s ugly as fuck though.


Yes, it is. :grin:

No idea what went through the Elektron design team’s heads when they did the model series. Usually their machines are gorgeous to look at but these two…

Even worse than the “donkey with knobs”:


Sounding pretty on point so far! That’s the MC right not the MS? I actually don’t find them too ugly. Compared to the other electrons sure but in and of themselves I don’t mind it.

I’m deep in the one box. Break beats, dusty pads from a tape haze sample pack and vocal chops I’ve cut out of podcasts. Super fun, stoked we are doing this. Hoping to get a video out of mine.


BTW, if ya’ll didn’t notice we’ve begun the first round…due date 30ish days from now. Turn it in when done. Remember the bold portion of the OP—the whole point of this is we know about your restrictions, inspirations, purpose etc. Give us a 150 words.


Yes, Cycles only, not :Samples. I don’t see a space for an offline sampler in my flow.


Hmmmm… This might give me a reason to pick up a QY70, QY100, or something of the sort like I had been thinking of doing, assuming, of course, that I can find one not from Japan.

At worst case, I might just restrict myself to something like TTS-1 in Sonar 8 and call it a day.


Be careful. I don’t think anyone in this thread will discourage you from buying gear LOL


As if anyone needed reasons for more gear…


While I’m not going crazy with Maschine plus and all it’s features I’m finding limiting to be tougher than I thought it would be. Problem is I get an idea, I get excited about it, I do it with no thought of “should I limit myself and not do this.” So far though I’m only using samples I already had, no factory content, and am only using 1 group and one pattern. Any changes to the structure will be arranged live via mutes when played for the live recording. Definitely going to do a video, wife’s out of town in two weeks so I should be able to clear the kitchen table and do it right.


Well, if the group decides someone isnt limiting themselves enough we will just razz them mercilessly.


My QY700 came from Japan. In beautiful condition with bag, manuals, original set up floppies the lot.
Can’t see a problem getting one from Japan. It’s not like it’s going to all be in Japanese when you fire it up.


Man, I really want to do this but my hw is eather limited. I do not want to do one itb though. Maybe just the MicroGranny? That could be lo-fi goodness…hm…


The micro granny is the coolest little box. Ive had one a couple times.


No, no… On Ebay, it seems that every piece of old gear that I want is being sold ONLY from Japanese sellers and they’re usually priced fairly ridiculously.


Not to mention the shipping is gonna get ya. At least every time I looked into it.


Just looked for QY100’s and the most expensive were in the U.K and U.S.A. Most old synth stuff is in Japan, as it was made there, so old stock and that I suppose. I must say that it is usually in bloody good condition though. The shipping isn’t going to be too bad on something that small and light.


One of the last things I had looked at was an Akai S01 sampler. Wanted one when they first came out because it was pretty much the cheapest new sampler available. “Surely they can’t be more than $100 these days, right?” is what I thought… I just took a look and the prices are just as ridiculous as the last time I saw them: ~$500 from Japan. I can buy a slew of far better samplers for much less than that (i.e. there’s S2000’s on there for ~$200 or EMU ESI-32’s for $250). I just had a look and it appears that some of the other stuff has come down to more reasonable prices so maybe Japan might be an option if I simply can’t find what I want.


They’re right about those Japanese restored old synth eBay listings. Condition is usually above standard / near mint but man do they fetch a pretty penny for it. Have you seen how much they try and get for electribes? Absolutely crazy. I’d wait for a more competitively priced US listing.

In other news, added one instance of Massive to my onebox jam. The project in total is 6 samples and 1 Massive instance. Just couldn’t live without some plucked 16ths.

Take it or leave it, lol.


Worked my arrangement out this morning. Going to be a shorter piece. I’ve been making only shorter pieces for about the last two years. Vignettes so to speak. I enjoy the challenge of making a short cohesive arrangement that makes sense but at the same time doesn’t feel rushed. Minute and a half to two min jam. Excited for getting it recorded next weekend after getting things dialed in with a bit more practice.