The One Box Challenge


Awesome track, really polished sounding and smoothly executed.

I agree on the 16 pads layout, I’ve been recently thinking about going back to a Live as opposed to the Force, but the Live is not as good for audio loops workflow, where the Force excels at it.

How does Machine work with you modular? Nice buddies?

Also, how deep can you edit massive in Standalone mode?
But most important, how’s the workflow of sampling bars accurate loops and playing them back?



From what I know about the Force and just generally looking at those restrictions, that is still pretty light compared with what you could do with the Force. This is sounding great. I’m just listening on my shitty B Tooth tower from the kitchen table.

Arrangement/transitional elements are defo my weak spot when using hardware only.


Thanks for the feedback man! Much appreciated. Thanks for the kind words on the mix too. Although I usually feel the mix could be way better just because of what I know one could do in DAW. That’s not the point here though but I’m always a bit remiss I cant do X Y or Z with a hardware jam mainly because with this stuff I just record stereo out.

I haven’t used the Maschine with anything else but itself but I can’t imagine it not playing well with other gear. Can’t attest to it though.

Massive in standalone is like 16 pages or something of parameters. So the editing can be semi-deep. Although if you’re looking for crazy modulation routings you’d have to make the preset on the computer and transfer it. I think though something like that misses the point though. You kind of have to make your sound design goals different with a box like this and be okay with it. Play to it’s strengths and all that.

As for sampling with accurate bars for loops and whatnot I haven’t done any sampling like that either. Only imported stuff I had on hand via transfer. It does have a live looper though that everyone on the NI and Elektron forum sings praises of so I’m sure accurate sampling in the way you mention works just fine. Can’t attest to that either tough because sampling in that way isn’t really part of my workflow.

Thanks again for the feedback and reply man.


I just thinked a little and maid this mix


Meh, I have a pretty good beat and some sounds going in the LXR but it is missing depth…sounds like a great backing track to something. Next step is to put some nice samples into the MicroGranny and trigger them with the LXR…just have to find the right samples.


video is gone?


Here it is


I gotta tell you gents, I am like -100% inspiration. Getting a Noizz $5 a month account to see if I come across an samples that flip the ole’ switch.