The Off-Topic Thread


Been watching those old western tv show from the earlier half of the century that tv has been around




Nerding hard into 2K20. Happy hogmanay shitheads :slight_smile:



where’s my fuckin’ pill meals and flying cars @

I want a refund


My idea vs my own idea


Im also prone to a bit of self-destruction but we can talk about that privately later if it comes up.
Speaking of which i feel like i almost killed myself over the holidays with some of the celebrations and starting to feel officially old, but then again sven vath is still playing ibiza so its never too late right?
I recognize your names rooster and qianta, good to see things are still going by the old guard to some extent? feels weird saying that. I was always a forum enthusiast and bootleg VST obsessed person that didnt get a ton done, and it also doesnt feel that long ago but apparently idmf038 is now almost 7 years ago and it makes me feel fucking old. I have occasionally done mixes over the last couple years and its mostly not material that strictly fits our bill but i think we should remain flexible about what the label means, and i think i still have a sense for quality. Sub me for papa vath and i rock peoples worlds, just need a diaper and some extra vitamins. Waiting room till i can link things, cheers o/



That is gold…

Also I just inhaled some black coffee with nothing in it and it shot out of my sinuses holy fuck that was not pleasant


No worries dude. As someone helping make decisions for the netlabel these days, I can tell you we want a more diversified portfolio too. We did a house album that came out in August. House. Not house x idm or anything, just house. Some of the albums we have from solo artists right now aren’t IDM either. We had a straight up Instrumental Death Metal (IDM) song on the most recent album. If you toss quality at us, it might take us a while to get you slotted, but we will try and release you. And if you’re not up to quality, we’ll try and help get you there. That much, I can promise. Life rarely takes us on the straight path to where we want to be, but if you keep working towards it you might just find yourself there one day. I personally can say I woke up today and realized I was much closer than I thought to being my ideal self, in some ways at least.

Submit whenever you’re ready to:

We have that posted somewhere, but it always seems to get lost in the fray. That goes to my phone, so I’ll see it and get your stuff to the people who need to see it. We’re even considering giving singles a try if you don’t have a full EP/album ready.


Cos I got nothing but love for you IDMf cunts I’m going to share some quality relationship advice: don’t talk to your woman the way you talk to your pets. Turns out when you say to her “Best dog ever” it doesn’t end in blow jobs and gratitude.


Love lockdown

Quit playin games withf my heart

Yes no maybe I dont know


Fyi I stopped listening to love songs…I no longer feel like a needy emo fag…

I am building the Most neutral playlist ever consisting of metal post rock punk rap oldies electronic . …basically a lil bit of everything…a majority of it concerns nonsense lyrically and some of it is just instrumentals…

Training my brain to not give a fuck…because user data is everything in 2020

New decade…

Psa Advert:

Had a brainfart dont go over the Deep end…get one of those flu masks to protect yourself from natural gas pollution…


das racist


What you wanna smell other peoples farts diluted in the atmosphere


When alternative electronic music all sounds the same you’re trying too hard to get the wrong right. Dull as fuck and fuck you wannabe try-hards.

Now thats out of the way, can’t wait to hear more. I’d still rather hear that than what mainstream hypnotoads send our way from corporate HQ.



i wonder how much freedom you can have when making music; i keep thinking i have so many instruments/sounds/good hardware, but i can’t manage to make anything that i think valuable; i wonder if , i shoudl use maybe just 1 vst, 1 drum machine (hardware) and thats it, see how i an manage music that way


Fist of all, I’ve heard you make good stuff so I don’t know what you’re on about. Second, you should be GOOD at what you have, whether that’s a lot of stuff or very little. If you know how to use your gear and software, you will come up with cool ideas that push the boundaries of what you and your stuff are capable of.


what! wow that actually hit me


when i listen to music i have to make it louder than tinnitus