The Off-Topic Thread

As a bonus, One time we were hiking in Hawaii and we were almost charged by a wild Boar. That was scary too.


Let’s hear about some other scary animals where people live. haha

I had a tick on my balls once (i was a kid playing in long grass). It was removed. I am fine. Lol

Grass ticks wont give you more than a itch for a few days. But we have paralysis ticks and they are the bad ones. They’ll kill a dog for sure.

Man i dunno if I should, since im from Australia ill be here all night.

Kangaroos in general a like a chill dog. But Big Reds in the outback WILL fuck you up. They’re super jacked and have massive claws. Love a good punchup


Damn… haha, thats some bad luck. Glad nothing serious came of it.

Yeah man, I’ve seen videos of those guys. They’re fucking ripped, it’s kinda crazy. Wouldn’t want to run into one of those. Fuck that

Also back to bears for a second. Here’s two Grizzly bears fighting.

I’m posting this because there are actually some people in the world who think that they could like, take one of these on, fist fight it, and win.

These bad boys probably stand close to 7 feet tall and probably weigh close to 600-700 lbs (~300kg).

If they were Kodiaks they would be even taller, closer to 9 feet and weigh up to a whopping 1300lbs (~590kg) (i dont think this footage is from Alaska through)

Now that’s delusional, have fun with that my dudes.

Tangling with beverly hills divorcees…


Just yes.

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@Manton - Tells you animals won’t kill you in AUS. Then proceeds to describe all the ways they will kill you, from sucking on your balls to killing you by K.O. :joy:

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The only wild animals I have come across have been:

  • Foxes in the middle of London, UK

  • Coyotes in various L.A. places

  • Massive deer coming right close to the window of the Uber I was in while in Pennsylvania

Fuck camping in the middle of nowhere and/or alien-like Australian death things, as far as I’m concerned.