The next Beat Battle


greetings earthlings.


@MFXxx I was trying to find the sample packs for BB54, 43, and anything before 42?


irl is such a drag sometimes bro. Good luck.


I got in contact with red man on SoundCloud but they’re taking a break from music production for a while.

Wow, three people don’t want me to host! Thanks guys! IO is the next host then. …unless you don’t want to then I’ll do it u_u


Never participated in a BB but my curiosity is peaked


Yeah yeah the beat battles are excellent for learning how to create something out of almost nothing, mix anything, work under restrictions, work with a deadline, and how to make something stand out. At least that’s how it was for me because I wanted to WIN when I started back on bb5, so it made me really critique my own ears and skills. But besides being a competition, it’s more so just fun to see all the different kinds of tunes that come out of the same samples and rules, a great community feeling really!

It does feel better when we have many participants because we then get to listen to more neat tracks every deadline, and if you win it’s more special because you beat more people : ) but every battle there’s always good stuff that comes out regardless of quantity.

Also should be said that any quality of submission is acceptable as long as you try your best to make a cool song that fits the rules. This is a learning experience, and a guaranteed way to get feedback on your abilities.


I’ll take this one. Sample pack in progress.


girth intensifies


The next beat battle: BB90 - Age of the Phoenix



Wait, sorry, i’m confused here. What’s the purpose of sharing all the prior beat battle sample packs, if the rules state we can only use the most recent one included - i.e. - Age of the Phoenix?

never done one of these before :X

can we use any/all of the prior sample packs as well?


Purely for reference and index.
Goto the new beat battle 90 Phoenix thread. THis i sthe current new beat battle with rules and Q&As over there matey :slight_smile:


awesome :slight_smile:

I might… have to snag these though, just for fun.

maybe make an IDMf BB supermix fangirl track out of the lot of’em


For the beat battle, you may use ONLY the sample pack for BB90. As mentioned already, purely for archival.

Check the BB90 thread for affairs relating to that.


Really the samples should’ve been in the Beat Battle Discussion thread, but I’m still learning the new site and this was the first thread so I tried to get in touch here instead of there.