The next Beat Battle

Hey all,
In the last BB thread, Red-Man was voted the winner with their sick glitchy idm and would’ve went on to make BB90 had the website been there. If anyone has a way to contact them and invite them back to the new and improved forum that would be swell. As a sidenote, how long do you think it will take everyone to find their way back here? I’m obviously expecting us to lose a few members, but the ones who are more dedicated will surely come back eventually right?

Of course, in the event of Red-Man not joining us again, we’ll need to vote for someone to host BB90. So let’s give it a few days and see what happens, loving the look of this new forum!

All the regulars will surely come back pretty soon. Meanwhile Red-Man will forever be in our hearts.

Voting for a host seems fair, amusing we get enough people back.

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hey guys just popping in to say the both the Facebook Group and the Discord had a real uptick in usage while the forum was away, give people a chance to wander back. I’d be surprised if I/O Madness is gone forever (he was a BB guy right?).

You guys are like the OG community projects group, just hang in there : ) Maybe with a functioning forum software I can help you promote the BBs with admin tools. Also, feel free to post about it either in the FB group or the Discord, I don’t think that would be against the rules in either case.

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Hellz yeah the bb’s prevail!

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It took a moment for me to find myself back here, But like certain toomahz I’ve managed to find my way back. Does anyone know if I/O has found himself back? On a side note, I kinda like the setup here.

If you guys want some kind of stickied thread in your sub forum, go ahead and make it and I’ll sticky it.


Looking forward for the next one

Eyyyyy what’s up

There’s a Facebook group? I knew the netlabel had a page, but here’s a group?!?!

In any case, I’m down for voting. Let’s get this rollin’!

Can we do a poll or anything like that on this new-fangled forum?

When the next BB will be? I cannot wait for it!

Yeah I am still waiting for the group

Place your votes here I guess. Only included BB veterans that I’m familiar with.

  • 7asid
  • JvS
  • Not Tsachi
  • IO_Madness
  • Trebesch

0 voters

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Shall we give it a few days, wait for any other outstanding votes, or appearances, and start this weekend?

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IO is in the lead, anyone else wanna vote?

wtf is going on here


Well I’m back by chance as been awol due to irl shit that is all time consuming. Like I walked into a blackhole and living in a vortex…but I will be back some time 2019…I hope. BB’S forever x

Hey @MFXxx, do you have any of the old sample packs?

Hey IO maybe m which one are you after mate?