The Movie Thread


watched MIB international…hmmmm.well it was fun.
i really liked the thor bit.funny.(don’t want to spoil it.
The command,watched it last night.
its about the kursk disaster.
i liked it.another tragic story of russians dying needlessly due to lies ineptitude,and just plain arrogance.i recommend it.
Dark pheonix ,still on the fence about this…must watch again.
that is all


That shit was fucking awesome. Great little series.


Green Book: Great. The more I see Mahershala Ali in stuff the more excited I am for the Blade reboot.

Birds of Prey looks like it will be Suicide Squad levels of terrible. Shame really. DC have been making a bit of a comeback with their last couple of outings. Maybe its just a bad trailer but it looks like they are climbing back on the turd wagon.


This weekend: X-Men Dark Phoenix vs Stan & Ollie

Hands down Stan & Ollie in every way.

Dark Phoenix is better than I expected but its still a mess, it just happens to be quite fun in places. Still, its a howlingly bad end to the X-Men before they join the MCU. After a second attempt, it somewhat proves the owners can’t do Jean Grey’s story in movie format. Maybe less giving everyone their space and just do Jean Grey.

Stan & Ollie is a gentle joy. Its not pushing cinema, its just a nice homage to a couple of guys whose humour doesn’t even register these days. It follows their final tour together. I found it strange it was in the UK but what do I know. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly nailed it but also the wives are great - Moaning Myrtle is always good and her bickering with Nina Arianda is a hoot. Got to admit although I really don’t like it generally, some of the carefully timed slapstick is impressive.


ha!yeah i thought it was entertaining but lacking.
i concur.


From the director of Venom and the writers of Deadpool…

rofl… so the same guys that wrote and directed the first Zombieland then :smiley:

Looks good. And for once a trailer that doesn’t give away the entire plot. Oh wait, plot… :smiley:

Oh yeh and PLEASE still do Zombie Kill Of The Week!


I see you like zombies movies . Like. :heart::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::v::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was not aware of this!thank you for this service.
ROFL cant wait for this!


Forgettable, unnecessarily long


I agree.

However the kill scenes were brutal as fuck, so, at least +2 points in my book


Finally saw the remake of “Child’s Play” last night.

I honestly didn’t think it was that bad. Actually, there was some pretty creepy shit in there. It wasn’t OG Child’s Play, certainly, it was entirely different. But it was a great homage and didn’t tread on old ground imo.

spoiler - that scene after Chucky kills the family cat, and then is standing in the dark while andy is terrorized in bed and the doll just starts playing the recorded cat-killing squeel sounds back to him…

that was genius creepy. Not sure why it got so much hate. 7.5/10


The Ritual (2017)

Saw it on netflix, surprisingly good… much recommended.


Ritual is a nice movie but pretty dumb. I saw it couple weeks ago.

You must watch: Ready or Not 2019, Piercing 2018. :scream::scream::scream:


Thanks, will check both out.


Not sure why I decided to punish myself last night but I finally caved and watched “Lords of Chaos”.

The book it’s based on is shit. The movie is fucking shit, and a disgrace to black metal. There’s so much wrong with it that I don’t even know where to start.

It’s frankly insulting. 0/10


Best review this week!
YOU ARE Hired as a candidate,for movie critic for The week in IDMF !
GOD i love the smell of napalm in the morning!


Isn’t it a pisstake?


a pissing mistake, yes. :slight_smile:

Mayhem/Burzum totally shot down the production company from using their music in the film as well… so… to hear the “hollywood” version of black metal wannabe remakes… it was embarassing.


Re-re-re-re-re-watched(er and prolly a bit more) Wonder Woman. Love that film. In amongst the much love is of course Ewen Bremnar. Anyything he turns up in is immediately better (hello AvP) just by having him, even if the rest is rubbish (definitely looking at you AvP :smiley: ).

And dat theme. Ooooh. When it finally hits in the fight scene after being hinted at throughout the film to that point. Sweeeet.


I’ll take ten more AvPs before another Covenant… puke noises