The Modular and Eurorack Bottomless Pit

I figured this should be started. This is hardware hardcore. I know there’s a fan base here within IDMf.

Here’s my first foray:


First patch. A nice bassline with some percussive accents. Love it!

I believe I see a blanking plate on the bottom row there. If in doubt, I’d throw an Expert Sleepers Disting down there. I’ve done a few builds on modulargrid and those things save me a few HP and dollars every time.

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What’s it good for?

This 8HP are spoken for. A WMD Triple Bipolar VCA will be places there.

Disting I think has like 180 functions. It does pretty much anything you need. Effects, LFO, VCO, Envelope, mixer, the list goes on. It only does one thing at a time, but has a decent choice of CV ins and outs for every available function. It’s really good for when you just wish you had one more “blank” that you didn’t think of the last time you ordered some modules.

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Ok, I went a little nuts and expanded my modular. Everything should be here to assemble within a week. This modular thing is really perfect for a tinkerer/noodler like myself.

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You gonna be able to mount all that? A couple of the modules on the top row look like they got a little cut off, and may not fit in the real world.

I am quite confident it’ll fit.

Same here.

Intellijel 7U on the way as well as two Doepfer vintage modules: ADSRLFO and Vactrol LPG. Just got the Antumbra ATOM…

Waiting on the house to get clear (too much family staying over), then doing a big rearrangement that involves pulling everything from two Cell 90 cases and a Cell 48, rearranging a Tip Top Mantis then selling a few modules.

Probably getting rid of my Basimilus IA, and putting my MIDI2 into storage because I suspect that I will be building a 48hp box just for the out-of-home office.

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Alright guys, fine…

For my 40th birthday I might put together a 6u rack, or something the size of Tip Top Mantis. Maybe. Assuming I had a Mother 32 what other modules would you recommend I fill the rack with. Don’t need a sequencer per say because I’d be sequencing the unit with an Elektron machine. I would need a midi cv converter though unless the one on the moog could pull double duty. Not sure if it can. Looking to make more interesting ambient tones / textures over bleeps / bloops. Not sure if this will actually happen but I’ve started Considering the thought.

Thanks guys!

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A used phonogene is my first pick for ambient tones. I’ll never let go of mine.

Also really partial to the Folktek conduit.

But if you’re looking for something more conventional while still being modular, I would go ahead and recommend a wavetable oscillator with a good filter. I started with an E340 Cloud Generator, which is no longer in production, and a Steiner Parker filter (not mentioning the brand, the dude has had some problems in the past). I got some amazing sounds out of that combo. Look along the lines of that… An oscillator that can produce unusual waveforms and a filter that can tame unruly transients resulting from those waveforms.

That’s my 2.5 cents.

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Man eurorack looks tempting but I lose motivation when I start seeing the different case options for the modules themselves.

You are confused about which case to pick or which modules to chose?
Honestly, is awesome. Deciding what you want your modular to do is the trickier part. The basics are:

  1. Need a sound generator (oscillator, wavetable, granular, sampler)
  2. Clock module, MIDI to CV if desired
  3. basics: envelope, VCA, VCF, LFO
  4. Attenuators, attenuverter, CV modulators - these are key and take up much of the space
  5. Sequencer if desired
  6. Quantizer
  7. FX modules - this is where much of the fun happens

I started by looking at the modules by popularity and watched some YT videos. Then I decided what was key for me.


Will have 46HP to fill this year, as soon as I either find a new job or get some shit published.

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You sure that’s a 46HP box? Looks on the small side for all that. Also might want to attach that power supply to the cardboard so it doesn’t bounce around.

Looks right to me. Also, I think the power supply is screwed into the cardboard.

HP is 1/5"? So that’d be ~9"…I guess that’d be about right.

Sorry, 42 HP with 3 sockets with the following power specs (Which I still have to interpret so not sure how much I can power)
-12V -> 150mA, +12V -> 500mA, +5V-> N/A
It was the case for the Lil Erebus kit which I never managed to get to work…

Ok, so here is a little video on a patch I put together.

Nothing too special as I’m still familiarizing myself with the rig.