The Modular and Eurorack Bottomless Pit


I’m just afraid of getting the wrong case for a module, it’s a huge amount of money to drop.


Not sure where else to post this…

Friday Night Fun with some new modules…


…it’s getting out of control…


That’s scary to hear coming from you man. I saw Noire et Blanc Vie’s 2-part documentary on Jexus. Could be worth a watch if you’re gassing a bit hard right now as he was arguably the king of GAS and found his way out of it, from the way he tells it at least.


Only this one more module and then that’s it…


…said no one ever and actually kept to it.

alas… more on the way



“Why buy all of that shit when you could just download VCV rack?”

Said somebody, probably one time


If you’re still going nuts, look into Rossum Electro Music’s modules. They’re the ones that made me want to build a eurorack, especially morpheus. Let me know how you get on if you go with one.



Getting there…


Since the old forum died I’m glad to find this thread again! Here’s an older picture of my rack(s). Some modules have been replaced (like the two 110-1’s) for a WMD/SSF Spectrum & Pittsburgh Waveforms.

I have alot of modules that doesn’t fit, and I’m thinking about expanding the rack with another 3x84 box. But I know what that will lead to. It’s never complete…

Here’s the updates versions:


I need a bit of help today and hope that some Eurorack wiz may have a good idea:

I am having trouble synchronizing my sequencers. I am using a Doepfer A-190-4 as a MIDI to CV clock and transport control interface. Clock works just fine, but transport is an issue. The Doepfer has a Reset out that responds with high voltage (constantly) to MIDI stop. My sequencers, on the other hand respond to voltage high as a clock reset or stop, so in a way the Doepfer does precisely the opposite of what I need it to do. I am using Rene MKII, Mimetic Digitalis, Pamela’s New Workout, and a Trigger Riot to sequence. I suppose I could use a logic module to put clock out only when no voltage is sent from the reset (advantage here: sequencing stops), but are there any better solutions? I’d have to get a suitable logic module with a NOT algo, so I might also consider an alternative MIDI to CV that is more suited to my needs.

Suggestions? Is there a way to solve the problem with what I have (includes a Deluge as master MIDI controller, which can put out clock and gate, and a Mutant Brain).
I guess I could just use a Gate and a CV output in the Deluge to directly send clock and Reset. The tricky thing is, that sending a reset via gate on end or start of sequence would hardwire a set cycle, which eliminates some of the neat abilities of the Trigger Riot. In fact, the Trigger Riot is causing me the most issues.
So, how does one send a single gate out only once upon a MIDI start signal?


I’ve only gotten through the first few minutes of this, but this seems like a good interview so far with apparently a polyphonic modular (which is a rare beast). This guy’s channel is pretty good for beginner modular stuff, I’ve seen a few of his videos.