The if you troll internet, you need help thread


Whats sad to me is how some people do seek help, but most of the systems in place seem to bog. The clinic i attempted to visit still hasn’t gotten back to me, and i poured my heart out. Imagine someone in a worse situation with less resources. I lost quite a bit of friends in my short lifetime, and they were all super bright peeps.

Its super lame and it makes me the opposite of comfy.


Are you saying their trax leave a smell?


Syntax is the next digi format according to the nauts. Speech synth?


The name IDMF looks like a name of top secret agency name.




Like Be at one with the earth


Like dude, feel the air around you my guy.



Trolls are societal outcasts or pretend normies that put on the facade of being normies or normies being assholes…

The societal outcasts are victims of mistreatment of whom lash out at others because of their mistrestment as an inability to cope with their trauma. They become self destructive by shitting on innocent people who would give them a hug and help them with their problems which alienates them…they become the same monsters that they were victims of.

The so called pretend normies/normies…
They get what they are doing, they understand what they are doing, and chose to do it anyway cause they either think they are justified in their fucked up thinking, or because they pretend to be functional people when they are not, or because just being an asshole for assholes sake.

Im bored and I post way too much…ok bye.