The if you troll internet, you need help thread


More like Cyberpsycho… csi miami meme


Bro stop watching political news…

Thats what i did i feel 100000000000000^10000000000000000000

Also make sure your buddha isnt laced or isnt mixed with k2…also do not get the human crossbred genetic enhanced stuff…meaning do not get the coconut bust a nut mindblowjob aka the thc wax coated herb, just get the very basic natural stuff none of that fancy dispensery stuff.


Some people just get off on being toxic, but in the end they’re only hurting themselves. Probably reliving something rather dark if that’s what they get off on, so honestly I feel kind of bad for them.

They’re pretty much unlikely to seek help like the rest of us, but what can you do


I hiked 20 miles out of town and got lost, found a specialized jacket, this followed a week of no sleep. I felt so great after… Like the sun torched my soul. I also slept under a free way. Good times.


K2? Whats that?


Basically they make chemical homemade weed with ammonia and bleach…and other stuff…

Its bad…its like up there with bath salts.

Do not try it.


actually it is funny you suggest turning off the news as that is something I’ve done…I scan the headlines everyday really quick to make sure I’m not missing something important but the doom scrolling got really bad during the stay at home orders.

Also, great advice, I don’t fuck with concentrates or the super high powered herb. I believe in legalizing it…but frankly some of these new products are literally like the crack of weed (and I’m really not trying to make a joke there). I don’t know how people can smoke grams of 99% THC products everyday.


Some get off on being toxic…

And for others being toxic is all they know how to be…

And for some the toxicity comes from a lack of salvation (non religious) from bad dark things.

The thing is no ones gonna be there to pull them out, they are gonna have to save themselves.


they’ve definitely turned weed into hard drugs at this point. I have an old friend who literally gave himself permanent lung damage to a point he can’t smoke at all anymore period, via ripping sheets of dabs all day for months. Fucking retarded.

Even some of the flower is too potent for me, I wanna smoke the old hippy brick weed. Shits outta control sometimes lol


I can’t warn enough of the weed laced with synthetic stuff… it’s really dangerous and really can ef people up. I collected so amny stories over the last few month alone from people and/or their relatives who got REALLY crazy over it to the point of hurting other people in various ways or effed their lifes up in some other form because of panic attacks, anxiety or general madness… Not to mention that some people died from it. They even include synthetic shit like ADB Fubinaka in e-liquids sometimes sold as “CBD” to people on the street… Stay away from that stuff and if you think you might be buying something like that, run like hell. I wish I was just joking.


I’m in FB group for stoners basically (its one of those low amount of members inside jokes shit posting groups) and like these mf’s are smoking dabs and shit constantly and most of them say its for medical purposes (which I’m not against) but I’m like damn…there is no way you ingesting that much THC is making your shit better!

When I run out of weed I’m like grumpy for two days…these people freak the fuck out.

Also–totes–I miss the shit I got in college 2001-2005 that we could just smoke all night and not get crazy. Now some of this stuff, if I smoke too much its like I suddenly have done speed and I get insomnia and anxiety from it…


Wtf is the world coming to when weed is a hard drug.

Illegal…potency 20%

Legal… potency 500%



I may be skirting the line of my own rule again…but I don’t believe this to be a partisan comment: the government/corporations are in control of legal weed. Look at big pharma and the opioid epidemic. One of the biggest anti- marijuana lobbies has always been Anheiser-Busch (big beer conglomerate).


Just btw, but it’s also interesting to see who holds the patents on the deadly synthetic stuff they lace weed with, such as ADB Fubinaka, 5F-AB-Pinaca and MDMB-Chminaca: I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s a big pharmaceutical company, the same I got my vaccine from…


Dude its not…as much as i carry on about politics…as far as im concerned free speech is free speech

I had to turn off my phone, i stopped watching tv all because im catching myself using the interwebs like trump used twitter…

I guess im still recovering from post trump.

Am i taking it to an extreme maybe. But at this stage in my life im not being a campaign puppet for some guy that doesnt even know that i exist.

Im not gonna get anything out of it.
And if anything itll just lead me to a life of misery and loneliness and being used to do someone elses dirty work.

I must of said this about 80 million times lol.


@metaside yea that doesn’t even surprise me like…at all…

@bfk the only thing the federal government has actually done that changed my life either positively or negatively is the AHA which lets me have healthcare I can afford. so yea…I’m pretty much with you at this point lol


I you all don’t mind my asking. How did you know it was a previous member?
Troll … I can see.
Previous member, though?
I used to be a moderator on a different forum and sometimes I’d have my suspicions. I’m just curious how the mods knew this … was it through technological means or just clues by way of their writing style/ subject matter?


it’s a smell, you also have to properly identify tracks, maybe droppings


Diction and grammar syntax


I think it is because they also made a new account on our Discord and Discord gives a lot more options for tracking down IPs etc. I’m really not sure though.

I’m sure if you now how to dig through the server logs etc you could probably figure it out to, but the very basic admin tools for the forum software don’t give us a lot of insight (afaik).